Swedish credibility at an all-time low

2006 is election year in Sweden. In early April, Swedish Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz quashed an investigation into calls from the Stockholm Grand Mosque to “kill the Jews”. In his opinion, incitement to kill Jews in Sweden should be seen against the background of the conflict in Israel, rendering such calls entirely permissible.Later the […]

Blundering Swedish naivete

Swedes as a nation are not anti-Semitic. But they are frighteningly naïve, with a love of ready-packaged solutions so they don’t have to get their hands dirty working out details, and with a penchant for being told what to think. They love the underdog, which they choose from an all-black and all-white palette. Above all, […]

Swedish unwillingness or inability?

Swedish Chancellor of Justice Mr Göran Lambertz appears to be a victim of his own unwillingness or, at best, inability to do his job properly.The Chancellor responded both defensively and offensively to a press release (http://www.upprop.net/pressrelease.php?lang=eng) highlighting his decision to drop preliminary investigations into a Stockholm mosque’s calls to kill Jews. He defended his decision […]

British MP singles out Israel for criticism

British MP Gerald Kaufman, commenting on the death of ISM militant Tim Hurndall during a provocative action in a Palestinian terrorist battle against the IDF two years ago, demands that the accused Israelis should be “put … before an international war crimes tribunal. If the Israelis don’t agree … then I think we have got […]