What Iran wants

Iran is a volatile global problem. Like other dictatorships, it prizes respect. Respect comes through fear of the opponent’s strength.

Israel has commanded respect through fear of its strength. Israel’s ever-faster slide into compliance with the short-term political expediencies of the US and EU has eroded regional perception of Israel’s strength. It upsets a balance everyone respects, however unwillingly. Iran is jockeying with Israel for regional domination. Fighting Iran will exact a high price today – but the price will be far higher tomorrow. We learned that 65 years ago.

Iran’s two aims
Iran has two aims. Firstly, tried-and-trusted anti-Semitism. In most nations race hatred is deemed a crime and treated as such. For the community of nations, the UN, to fail to follow the norms of individual nations is a mockery of what the UN is all about.

The second aim is equally tried-and-trusted: blackmail. Having attained a position of stranglehold power by tying western economies to Iranian oil and huge commercial projects, Iran is now blackmailing these nations. Iran is not demanding money but rather cowed global acquiescence while it pursues its goal of destroying Israel. We’ve heard it confirmed for the past 25 years by its leaders, and now once a week by its current president.

Blackmail too is deemed a crime in most nations. If the community of nations fails to address these crimes robustly today, this weakness will return to haunt us all tomorrow. The Iranians have evidently read the history books. We apparently have not.