Stage, lights, cue! Pallywood's creativity knows no bounds

Will Shakespeare couldn’t have written the drama better.

But he’d have been excused for trying – after all, he never ever pretended to be anything other than a dramatist, writing fiction for money.

The Palestinians, on the other hand, are staging one dramatic ‘kidnapping’ and ‘rescue’ after the other, while the international audience follows the events with bated breath. Those members of the audience who aren’t in fits of laughter over the poorly stage-managed theatre of it all, that is to say.

Is anyone asking by what coincidence it always happens to be “peace activists” who seem to be snatched with such clockwork regularity? Activists who are already dedicated to the Palestinian cause and faithful to the Palestinian narrative? And who are then released amidst the cameras of the assembled media? Are they given their lines to learn in advance, or only after they are caught in the unfolding docu-soap of live TV?

The Palestinians are unequalled experts at generating media hype and manipulating the press to serve their political ends. That they believe they’re on a par with Shakespeare says more about their gullibility than anything else.

Now let’s settle back with a bag of popcorn and wait for the next episode to unfold. Hold the applause till you see the heroic Palestinian rescuers emerge, escorting their grateful charge to freedom. Watch closely and you might even catch a glimpse of the stage manager …