What Iran wants

Iran is a volatile global problem. Like other dictatorships, it prizes respect. Respect comes through fear of the opponent’s strength. Israel has commanded respect through fear of its strength. Israel’s ever-faster slide into compliance with the short-term political expediencies of the US and EU has eroded regional perception of Israel’s strength. It upsets a balance […]

The BBC has forgotten that journalism is about reporting the truth, not "creating" it

The history of biased BBC reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict has seldom been paralleled by anything as offensively prejudiced as John Simpson’s piece. The epitome of his strong anti-Israel bias can be seen not least in his use of the age-old tactic of reversing events and timelines. He writes that “by the spring an Israeli […]

Stage, lights, cue! Pallywood's creativity knows no bounds

Will Shakespeare couldn’t have written the drama better. But he’d have been excused for trying – after all, he never ever pretended to be anything other than a dramatist, writing fiction for money. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are staging one dramatic ‘kidnapping’ and ‘rescue’ after the other, while the international audience follows the […]