Swedish parliament debates kidnapping of Swedish children

Address no. 62: ANNELIE ENOCHSON (Christian Democratic Party):

Mr Speaker,
182 days have now passed since five Swedish children were kidnapped and taken to Gaza. They are being held in Gaza against their will. Their father has registered them as Palestinian refugees. Sweden is the world’s largest per capita contributor of financial aid in Gaza, donating about 300 million Swedish kronor annually in direct aid. Discussions by Swedish authorities have not secured the children’s release. It is unreasonable that Sweden, through its financial aid to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA, should continue to finance the children’s imprisonment. I would therefore like to ask the Prime Minister if he is prepared to increase pressure on the Palestinian Authority, for instance by temporarily freezing further aid until the kidnapped Swedish children are released.

Address no. 63: Prime Minister GÖRAN PERSSON (Social Democratic Party):
Mr Speaker,

The answer is “no”. It would be a most unfortunate development if we were to confuse aid with any one legal case. It is quite another matter that I feel very strongly on behalf of the children, for both their parents and for the traumatic situation in which the family finds itself. We regularly take up this issue with the Palestinian Authority. We are pursuing what is a just case according to Swedish legislation. But we have no intention of bringing the question of aid into this issue. On the contrary, we believe that would instead worsen the children’s situation rather than improve it.

The conclusion: kidnap our children by all means. Your reward will be cash payments from our collective wallet. In English this is what used to be called ransom money before political correctness prohibited the use of honest language.