Palestine: a study in uncontrolled addiction

This article was first published in “The Times of Israel” on December 2, 2013. Palestinian Arabs want a country of their own. They want to call it Palestine. Many people find this offensive. Which is strange. When the Palestinian Jews declared the independent Jewish state of Israel in 1948, with the backing of the majority […]

The expensive joke that is the UN

The UN is one of the most underrated – and expensive – comedy shows ever. UN member state the Philippines has been devasted by a recent typhoon, with huge loss of life and the eradication of many communities and population centres. UN member state Syria increasingly resembles an apocalyptic graveyard. UN member state Lebanon is […]

The truth about the UN – and about Israel

This short video clip delivers a few well-expressed truths about the UN, about Israel, and about the “Palestinian state” and its fanatical backers in the Arab and wider Muslim worlds, aided and abetted by countries notorious for their serial human rights abuses.

How the Palestinian-Arab refugees came about…

… and why they are still classified as refugees 64 years later. No other group in the world is allowed to inherit refugee status, apart from the Palestinian Arabs. Watch this short animated film, which explains it all in perfect clarity. Now test your knowledge: UN refugee agency UNHCR vs UN refugee agency UNRWA.

Sudan elected to UN Human Rights Council!

No, this isn’t a joke in extremely poor taste. Unfortunately. This is how divorced the UN is from reality: it elects  – SUDAN! – onto the UN Human Rights Council. Sudan is one of the world’s worst serial human rights abusers. Read here what Human Rights Watch has to say about Sudan. And see the video […]

The truth about refugees in the Middle East

Watch this admirably short and factual film about the origins of refugees in the Middle East and the cynicism that has perpetuated a human tragedy for 63 long years. Danny Ayalon, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Israel, explains why there still are Arab refugees from the 1948 pan-Arab onslaught against the Jewish state. He explains […]

Ever wondered …

… how your humanitarian aid contributions are NOT used? Hat tip to blogger Solomonia, who published this video made by Visit FreeMiddleEast and view their other excellent videos on topical issues. Read also about UNRWA vs UNHCR. UNRWA is a UN organisation created solely for the benefit of 3 million Palestinian Arabs following the […]

Hamas can win it all

Hamas can have all they want, but they refuse to pay the price. The price is immensely high – the terrorist organisation will have to release from illegal incarceration a young Israeli kidnapped from Israel while he was still a teenager. That boy’s name is Gilad Schalit. It’s naturally a price Hamas cannot accept. We […]

Islamist war on democracy in full swing

Islamism’s war on democracy is ratcheting up. A lot of nonsense has been written about the legality or otherwise of Israel’s actions against a combined Islamist/left-wing campaign to discredit Israel’s blockade on arms shipments to terror organisation Hamas. There’s no “or otherwise” about it. Israel’s actions were entirely legal. Even according to that hallowed icon […]

Put an end to the occupation

The sole cause of the ongoing conflict and the continuing inequalities in the Middle East is the occupation.The UN Human Rights Council’s occupation of the international community’s time, finances, manpower resources and media space. The UNHRC does not deal with the massacres of hundreds of thousands of black Africans in eastern Africa – because the […]