The truth about the UN – and about Israel

This short video clip delivers a few well-expressed truths about the UN, about Israel, and about the “Palestinian state” and its fanatical backers in the Arab and wider Muslim worlds, aided and abetted by countries notorious for their serial human rights abuses.

Sudan elected to UN Human Rights Council!

No, this isn’t a joke in extremely poor taste. Unfortunately. This is how divorced the UN is from reality: it elects  – SUDAN! – onto the UN Human Rights Council. Sudan is one of the world’s worst serial human rights abusers. Read here what Human Rights Watch has to say about Sudan. And see the video […]

UN inaction costs lives by the thousands

But that doesn’t really matter – UN publicly funded salaries are still paid out regularly so what are a few thousand civilian lives in Syria in the wider financial context, after all? With something like 10,000 deaths in Syria – systematic regime massacres of civilians would be a more accurate description – already documented, the UN continues […]

Ever wondered …

… how your humanitarian aid contributions are NOT used? Hat tip to blogger Solomonia, who published this video made by Visit FreeMiddleEast and view their other excellent videos on topical issues. Read also about UNRWA vs UNHCR. UNRWA is a UN organisation created solely for the benefit of 3 million Palestinian Arabs following the […]

Perpetuation of Palestinian Intransigence

For anyone who has not yet read it, now is the time to spend a few minutes reading an excellent piece by Ben-Dror Yemini, senior columnist at Israel’s Maariv daily. He writes in an article entitled “Nakba Day and the Fraud” how the Palestinian Arabs (“the who?”, you may well ask) have perpetuated one of […]

The UN is dead. Announcing the birth of FREE

Muammar Gaddafi of Libya is right.And so too is Mahmud Ahmadinejad of Iran. They both want the UN to be fundamentally restructured. They both accuse the UN’s various key organisations of partisanship. Of failing to deal even-handedly. Of taking sides. Of gross disregard of certain member states. They want to see certain member states excluded […]

The UN Human Rights Council Hosts the World's Most Atrocious Human Rights Abusers

When blindness rules. Anti-Semitic cartoon in Al-Ahram, Syria The UN Human Rights Council has once again demonstrated its apparently insatiable capacity for rabid Israel-hatred while simultaneously bullying the civilised world into abject submission. On Thursday March 26, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council approved a Muslim-nation proposal to legislate against criticism of religion, specifying only […]