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Essential apps

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Do you have a smartphone?

What apps do you have in it? No doubt a whole lot that are informative, enjoyable and just plain amusing.

In Israel certain apps are, well, kind of vital. In a life and death kind of way.

That’s because of the various Palestinian Arab governments. There are two at the moment, who hate each other only marginally less than they hate Jews. Both Palestinian Arab governments are engaged in a barrage of constant genocidal attacks on civilian Jews. In schools, kindergartens, hospitals, at home, at work.

This short video explains just how important certain apps are if you happen to be a Jew. And want the privilege of being allowed to live. Because it’s difficult to live while rockets made by Islamist Iran, fired by Islamist Gazans, but funded by the EU and UN, rain down on Israeli civilians.

Still happy that your country’s government is continuing to pay its membership dues to the UN, which unconditionally rewards Palestinian Arab intransigence and terror with official recognition and political support in the UN?

Fjordman interviewed in Germany’s Junge Freiheit

Friday, January 13th, 2012

The perspective from both sides of the Islamist tsunami

Read Norwegian blogger Fjordman’s article, published in German in Junge Freiheit and in English in the excellent Tundra Tabloids.

The article should be compulsory reading for all European foreign ministers and all media and journalism students throughout Europe.

Thanks to Fjordman and to Tundra Tabloids for their permission to link to the article in German and English respectively via this blog.

UN silence versus UN action

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

China invaded Tibet and has systematically ethnically cleansed up to one million Tibetan civilians – men, women and children – from their homes, forcibly transferring them to China and replacing them with ethnic Chinese.

But Tibet has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Tibetan civilians’ human rights.

Russia invaded and totally demolished Chechnya in the hunt for “terrorists”. Men, women, children, apartment buildings, schools, factories – everything razed to the ground during the Russian genocide.

But Chechnya has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Chechnyan civilians’ human rights.

The Syrian Baath regime has for decades systematically demolished the Syrian social structure and totally crushed every budding attempt to implement democracy. The Syrian regime – or more accurately the Syrian family dynasty with tyrant Hafez al-Assad handing over power to his son, the tyrant Bashar al-Assad – even massacred up to 40,000 Syrian citizens in order to cement the regime’s absolute power.

But Syria has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Syrian civilians’ human rights.

In Jordan, where 70 percent of the population consists of Arabs of Palestinian ethnicity, there are still refugee camps for most of the country’s Palestinian population. Jordan’s absolute refusal to integrate people on the grounds of their ethnicity is a running sore in any society that professes to humanity, a running sore that needs to be lanced – using military means if necessary. These people need a decent life – just like the rest of us.

But Jordan has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Jordanian civilians’ human rights.

In Lebanon, the situation for Arabs of Palestinian ethnicity is if possible even worse – there they are not even allowed to practise certain professions, they may not own land or homes. And they are corralled into camps. Camps that are occasionally used for target practice and demolished by the Lebanese army.

But Lebanon has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Lebanese civilians’ human rights. On the other hand, most of the Palestinian population of Lebanon are denied Lebanese citizenship, even those born there and now into their third generation, so there is a strange – if twisted – sort of consistency there.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas Islamists have taken over the entire society (just like Hizbollah Islamists took over the whole of Lebanon) and introduced inhumane discrimination against women, Christians (the territory has already been ethnically cleansed of every last Jew with the exception of Israeli Gilad Schalit, kidnapped from Israel while still a teenager and held without even the most basic human rights ever since) and political opponents. The regime has developed an effective way of combating political opposition – the Hamas government simply take politicians from other parties up to the roofs of tall buildings, tie their hands behind their backs, and then push them to their deaths onto the tarmac below.

The regime in the Gaza Strip has also for several years now systematically fired mortars, rockets and other missiles against civilians in Israel. 50 mortar rounds yesterday alone, all told more than 12,000 missiles over a period of 4015 days, day in, day out.

But the Gaza Strip has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Gaza civilians’ human rights, no military action from the UN to protect Israeli civilians’ human rights.

But Libya is different – Libya has oil. And that’s when the UN wakes up, galvanised into action. Even the absurd Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt (who otherwise spends most of his time in photo-ops with Islamist terrorists) pronounces that the war against Libya is “absolutely excellent”. The only European nation to show any degree of commonsense and consistency appears to be Germany – which did not act on Tibet, Chechnya, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon pr the Gaza -strip – but which has resolutely and equally consistently refused to get involved in Libya.

Where oil flows in, commonsense and human compassion appear to flow out.