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The Arab world is aflame – but the US, EU and UN focus on Israel

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Here’s a question: Why is it that there are no less than THREE Palestines? Three Palestines whose official policy is ethnic cleansing of Jews from their nascent territory.

Firstly there’s Palestine 1/aka Jordan, capital Amman, built on roughly 77 percent of the British Mandate area – the territory earmarked to be returned to the Jewish people as their rightful historic home. This thanks to such legally binding agreements as the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Resolution and the UN Partition Plan for Palestine. More than 70 percent of the population of Jordan is Palestinian Arab, yet power is in the hands of the minority Hashemite ruler, King Abdullah, whose family was imported from Arabia to form an immigrant royal dynasty in the part of Palestine that was designated for Arab rule (and the exclusion of all Jews).

Then there’s Palestine 2/The Gaza Strip, capital city Gaza City. Here the extremist Islamist terror group Hamas holds sway after having removed its main political rivals – literally removed, through the simple expedient of tying their hands behind their backs and throwing them off the roofs of tall buildings. Other political opponents were hogtied and dragged behind motorcycles on public streets to send the requisite message of mutual tolerance and political diversity…  Here too Jews have been ethnically cleansed – even Jewish graves were uprooted to create an Islamically pure environment for the Sharia aspirations of the proud Hamas regime.

And finally there’s Palestine 3/Most of Judea and Samaria, the historical heartland of the Jewish people, whose modern Arab capital city is Ramallah, Jewish capital city Jerusalem. This area is ruled by the non-elected rabid anti-Semite Mahmoud Abbas. He titles himself “President of Palestine”. Meantime, the Prime Minister of Palestine 1 is Abdullah Ensour, the Prime Minister of Palestine 2 is Ismail Haniyeh, and the Prime Minister of Palestine 3 is Rami Hamdallah. As recently as 2 days ago, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on his way to “peace talks” with Israel, reiterated his long-standing demand that the Arab state of Palestine will have no Jews in it whatsoever. It is interesting to note, by way of comparison, that about 21 percent of Israel’s population consists of Arabs, both Christian and Muslim Arabs.

But the Palestinian Arabs aren’t content with making up 21 percent of the population of the Jewish state, and they aren’t content with  having the vast majority of the physical territory – financially subsidized by the world community via the US, UN and EU. No, they also want to create Palestine 4 by taking over the Jewish state of Israel and its capital Jerusalem. And all with the political collusion and massive financial support of the UN and EU, led by the USA.

Yesterday’s CNN report revealed that the Arab world is understandably preoccupied with the bloodletting and carnage in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Libya, Iran’s fast-approaching nuclear weapons capability, the ever-clearer separation of Kurdistan from Iraq and Syria, the escalating sectarian/inter-Islamic wars being fought throughout the Middle East between Shia and Sunni Muslims, the threat of political collapse in Turkey and Jordan, so much so that the Arab street puts “Palestine” as its absolute lowest priority.

Nevertheless, the USA, EU and UN are focusing increasingly on Israel and the Palestinian Arabs because that is the only arena in which they can exert some kind of force, they can be seen to be doing something, anything. The USA, EU and UN are becoming increasingly irrelevant, increasingly impotent, everywhere else. Hence the bullying tactics – applied in an arena few Arabs care about, at the same time as the Arab world is crying out for genuine assistance to promote democracy. Meantime, of course, the USA, EU and UN are totally ignoring the onslaught of violent Islamism on Christians throughout the Middle East. A slow, inexorable ethnic cleansing of Christians in the birthplace of Christianity that is taking place to the accompaniment of excruciating silence on the part of the highly-paid bureaucrats in Washington, Brussels and New York.

And who pays the salaries of these highly-paid bureaucrats? Well, just check your monthly income-tax bill for the answer to that question.

Double standards

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

TIP (The Israel Project) has put together the following brief, admirably objective and startlingly stark analysis of terrorism’s perpetrators.

When Israel deals with arch-terrorists who have a documented track record of mass-murder, there is loud indignation from politicians and organisations around the world. But when other nations deal with equally vicious terrorists guilty of equally heinous crimes, these nations are instead applauded by the very same politicians and organisations.

Double standards indeed.

Hat tip: The Israel Project

Turkish CCTV provides the evidence!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

What idiots! First they lie about this being a “peaceful” protest, then they tool up with ceramic body armour, gas masks, night-vision goggles, grenades, daggers, axes, metal clubs, chains and guns – in full view of their own on-board CCTV cameras. And then they attack the Israeli police force while the Israelis are still at sea in their own vessel.

That’s piracy on the high seas. Filmed by Turkish CCTV on board the Turkish vessel the Mavi Marmara for the viewing convenience of the entire world.

Of course, they’re still denying everything. Not too bright in the brain department, it would seem.

The CCTV footage from the Turkish vessel shows how the Islamists, who belong to a particularly suspect and unsavoury organisation which was banned by the previous Turkish government until the current Islamist regime took over, carefully prepared their stocks of weapons and then attacked the Israeli police force BEFORE the Israelis stepped on board.

Swedish author Henning Mankell, who writes entertaining fiction and accordingly has an enthusiastic imagination, claims that the people on board the ship were attacked while they were asleep in their cabins and that many were shot dead in their beds by the Israelis. Mankell is no great fan of video evidence – even when it comes from on board the Turkish ship. Mind you, he also maintains that there were no weapons on board, “not even so much as a nail-file“. You can tell he’s a fiction writer.

Here is a small selection of the confiscated weapons that Mankell and the other Islamist collaborators denied were on board the ship. That’s the ship’s deck they’re laid out on. Not a single nail-file as far as the eye can see, but plenty of daggers, swords, clubs, chains, stun grenades, axes, steel batons, pepper spray and mallets.

The video evidence – and it’s Turkish video evidence:

Israel has already sent 20 trucks to Gaza loaded with the “essential supplies” that the Islamists carried on board for the people of Gaza.

But Hamas is refusing to accept the “aid”. Hamas simply will not allow the materiel to enter its territory, even though it has cost nine people their lives getting it there.

Firstly because they are already so totally overloaded with goods and supplies that there is no longer anywhere in Gaza to stock yet more materiel.

And secondly because the medicines, not least, are already past their use-by date and, no matter how cruelly Hamas behave towards their own people, even they refuse to poison their own children with medicines that will kill rather than cure. This is the “aid” that the Islamists spent 17 million dollars to send from the Islamic Republic of Turkey!

And still the Turkish Islamists and their overseas collaborators maintain they want to “help Hamas and Gaza”.

Watch the following film clip and think about the Hamas and Gaza they want to help:

Meantime, Hamas is still holding Israeli Gilad Schalit in Gaza. Schalit was kidnapped from Israel while still a teenager four years ago. Hamas continues to refuse him access to his family, legal assistance, the UN, the Red Cross or medical aid.

Henning Mankell and his extremist compatriots do not feel that the young man is important. He is merely Jewish. What is important to them is to spend 17 million dollars to transport “aid” in the form of medicines that would poison Palestinian children in Gaza. Who knows, this may well have been their intention all along, so that the resultant illnesses and fatalities could be blamed on Israel – the fanatics’ resourcefulness knows no limits when it comes to attacking and demonising the Jewish state.

Interestingly, Gaza’s Hamas rulers keep insisting they want their own state, yet for some inexplicable reason they keep attempting to enter Israel. While Israel sends 15,000 tonnes of food and medical supplies to Gaza every single week, what Hamas bring to Israel on every trip can be seen in the film clip below:

The ways of the Islamist mind are indeed unfathomable, from Gaza to Turkey to Iran to Saudi Arabia. Not to mention Pakistan, where Sunni Muslims slaughtered more than 80 Ahmadiya Muslims praying in a mosque in Lahore last week because they were not regarded as sufficiently Muslim.

Following the Mavi Marmara incident, it took a mere 12 hours for the Arab-owned UN Security Council to convene and lambaste Israel. The Lahore Muslim-on-Muslim atrocity took place 6 days ago. The UN General Council has yet to deal with the incident, and of course the Security Council does not convene except to demonise Jews or the Jewish state.

With such routine acceptance of grossly indecent violence in the Muslim world, it seems the rest of the world acknowledges that Muslims simply cannot be expected to behave in a civilised manner. Isn’t that just blatant racism?