Lies, damned lies

It’s a simple question really: is objectivity even remotely possible when reporting on the Middle East? Or is it simply that only pathological liars, idiots, racists and jihad supporters are involuntarily drawn to practise their peculiar brand of “journalism” in the Middle East? Richard Goldstone is not the only liar in the business when it […]

UN silence versus UN action

China invaded Tibet and has systematically ethnically cleansed up to one million Tibetan civilians – men, women and children – from their homes, forcibly transferring them to China and replacing them with ethnic Chinese. But Tibet has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Tibetan civilians’ human […]

"Occupation" in the Middle East becomes "self-defence" in India

India’s President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said on a visit to Syria that India recognizes Syria’s “legitimate right” to the Golan Heights. The Indian president’s host, Syrian dictator Bashar el-Assad, who inherited the Syrian regime from his father Hafez el-Assad, went on to bemoan “the sufferings of the Palestinian people, blockaded by an apartheid wall”. Assad […]

Raising the crazy flag

There’s a leadership crisis in the world.   Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is showing increasing signs of mental instability. Now he is challenging the status of the Vatican and the legitimacy of the Pope.   The next Libyan leader, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is trying to surpass his father’s record in the crazy league. Gaddafi senior, Libya’s dictator […]

The unholy new alliance

There is something deeply disturbing about the image. The US president, leader of what is frequently touted as the “free world”, echoing the same sentiments as the Islamist incumbent of the Turkish regime. The current incumbent in the White House, Hussein Obama, commented yesterday on Israel’s purported nuclear programme. He said that the Jewish state, […]

Silence and condemnation

Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007. More specifically, 250 Greenwich Street. It’s where the World Trade Center used to stand. The street is going to be renamed. Its new name: Osama bin Laden Plaza. You may not have heard about this. No international protests. No public demonstrations about the unsuitability of naming the site after […]

This Palestinian issue is a complex one

The Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank want to create a second Palestinian Arab state alongside the first Palestinian Arab state of Jordan. Fair enough. They want to create their second Palestinian Arab state in the millennia-old Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria. Fair enough. In the civilized world, people who want something that isn’t […]

There IS justice in this world.

Well, at least there is in the UK. In Britain, Baroness Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker, hopped on the Swedish blood-libel bandwagon set in motion by Donald Boström (read also here, here, here, here and here). Of course, they were far from alone. Al Jazeera, Iran, Syria, Egypt and countless others in the Arab and Islamic […]