Swedish Islamists riot

Islamists in Sweden rioted to defend their right to attack an artist in the Swedish university town of Uppsala. Artist Lars Vilks came to fame as the person who drew a controversial cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Conservative Muslims insist Mohammed is not to be portrayed in images since they regard this as an […]

Communist Comedy Centre in action

The burning desire to embrace dictatorships, regimes with blood on their hands and anti-democratic forces of darkness never seems to wane in the irrelevant duck-pond into which Sweden is increasingly transforming itself. One example is the most recent addition to the world of light entertainment – that gathering of peripheral anarchistic individuals who can be […]

The unholy trinity

2010 is election year in Sweden. In power today is an alliance consisting of the Conservatives, Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats. That is something that Sweden’s communists (recently rebranded the Left Party), the extreme-left Social Democrats and ultra-left Greens want to change. On February 17 three of these three parties’ leading lights – Urban […]