A legal precedent

The Jerusalem Post reports that The European Initiative, a new European pro-Israeli lobby, has filed a lawsuit in Belgium against Hamas leaders from Gaza and Damascus, demanding that they be brought to justice for war crimes. About time too. The Belgian initiative is a welcome proactive move against terrorism and against support for intransigence, indoctrination, […]

A noble cause?

So the Nobel Awards for 2009 have come and gone. US Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Hussein Obama – who was nominated for the prize within mere days of taking up office – arrived in Oslo, accepted the award and promptly left. Obama said that “the instruments of war do have a role to play […]

The art of terror, Swedish style

January this year saw a controversial work of art exhibited in Stockholm. “Snow White” depicted a smiling female Palestinian terrorist sailing in a pool of blood-red water. Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden Zvi Mazel added a touch of unexpected action to the exhibit by disconnecting the lights and throwing a tripod into the pool.Mr. Mazel’s actions […]

Swedish government funding of Palestinian propaganda

The following is a translation of an article published in Swedish daily Expressen on 1 march 2004 Expressen’s revelations that Swedish foreign-aid organisation SIDA has donated more than 20 million kronor to PLO propaganda machine NSU will now become an issue for the Swedish government. Kept in the dark at the very top MP Ewa […]