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A legal precedent

Friday, December 25th, 2009

The Jerusalem Post reports that The European Initiative, a new European pro-Israeli lobby, has filed a lawsuit in Belgium against Hamas leaders from Gaza and Damascus, demanding that they be brought to justice for war crimes.

About time too. The Belgian initiative is a welcome proactive move against terrorism and against support for intransigence, indoctrination, Islamism, fanaticism, extremism and terrorism the world over.

A similar initiative would do wonders in Sweden. Sweden has a history of antagonistic behaviour toward the Jewish state, including breach of contract and the welcoming terrorist Palestinian Arab leaders to its shores, and spends immense sums of taxpayer revenue reinforcing Palestinian Arab intransigence, which in turn promotes continued violence and bloodshed. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Swedish citizens have been the victims of Palestinian Arab terrorism in Israel, and Jewish citizens of Sweden have long been made to pay the price for successive Swedish governments that have signally failed to adopt a firm stance against Islamist-inspired anti-Semitism and extremist Left-wing anti-Zionism. This writer has been on the receiving end of rockets from Islamist terror organisation Hizbullah while in Haifa and Islamist terror organisation Hamas while in Sderot.

A call by the imam of the Grand Mosque in Stockholm to kill Jews as a result of the conflict in the Middle East was ignored by the judiciary and the government.

Repeated gross anti-Semitic allegations by extreme Left-wing tabloid Aftonbladet over unfounded claims of systematic Israeli Army organ trafficking were ignored by the judiciary and the government. Even Britain’s Guardian newspaper, scarcely the Jewish state’s most avid supporter, has the decency to back off from Aftonbladet-esque headlines. Not so Aftonbladet.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt’s psychotic obsession with the Jewish state has been ignored by the judiciary and the government. He adopted a remarkably aggressive stance on the organ trafficking debacle and then invested the entire resources of his office and his (admittedly fast-dwindling) personal prestige in trying to push the EU to recommend the partitioning of Jerusalem – while at the same time celebrating the reunification of Berlin…

Every year, Sweden diverts vast sums of money from its state coffers, routing these funds away from Swedish schools, Swedish hospitals, Swedish jobs, Swedish infrastructure, even the well-being of Swedish children, and instead using these hard-earned resources for non-transparent, under-the-table foreign-policy strategies via a host of shady NGOs such as SIDA, Diakonia, Forum Syd, ISM, the Swedish Church and so on – all with the aim of subverting the Jewish state. It is a parallel foreign policy about which few Swedes know anything – for the simple reason that it is filed as charity and is therefore virtually invisible. The point is that this pursuit of an invisible and parallel foreign policy is ignored by the judiciary and the government because it is waged privately from the Swedish foreign ministry, albeit with VERY public funding.

Time therefore for a proactive Swedish initiative along the same lines. If you have the funding and/or the expertise to help in this matter, get in touch.

It’s time to put things right in Sweden. The vast majority of Swedes are fed up to the gills with having their already shaky finances abused, their enviable and highly deserved reputation trashed and their energy exploited by shady individuals with murky agendas whose sole merit is that they are in powerful places, whether in the media or in public office.

Rescue Sweden. Before an entire nation is hijacked. It’s been done many times before.

A noble cause?

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

So the Nobel Awards for 2009 have come and gone.

US Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Hussein Obama – who was nominated for the prize within mere days of taking up office – arrived in Oslo, accepted the award and promptly left.

Obama said that “the instruments of war do have a role to play in preserving the peace”. That’s when the US itself is involved. However, it appears not to be a consideration he extends to America’s staunchest ally, Israel.

President Obama, whose very entitlement to the US presidency has been called into question owing to uncertainty over his country of birth, has come in for fierce criticism for accepting the Peace Prize when he has not actually contributed to peace.

Swedish journalist and commentator Per Gudmundson said on Swedish TV that President Obama makes as fitting a Peace Prize laureate as Yasser Arafat did – both have done equally little to advance the cause of peace, albeit in entirely different spheres. Arafat through decades of terrorist attacks on civilian Jews in Israel and around the world, Obama though ongoing and heightened military commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively.

Here’s the speech Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Hussein Obama should have made in Oslo:

Dear friends of peace,

I am humbled by your gesture and vow to act in the spirit in which this signal honour was bestowed on me. If there is one lesson recent history has taught us, it is that of Northern Ireland. Decades of violence ended when funding for weapons and training dried up. As a result of international determination to strangle the supply of armaments to hate-mongers and violent terror groups, guns have been replaced by conference tables and very real progress has been made towards genuine, lasting peace. Friendship requires trust, and trust is based on mutual recognition of the other’s concerns and rights.

It is this same approach that I will apply now that I am in receipt of this, the greatest honour I have ever received. I have admittedly done nothing whatsoever to deserve it, yet, but I promise to live up to your expectations and to deliver on those expectations.

Here’s how I will do it: in Afghanistan and Iraq I will use military means to fight the hate-mongers and violent terror groups to a standstill. I will use the money from my Award to set up foundations for education so that future generations in these two war-torn countries see a different reality, a better future. I will above all else do absolutely everything it takes to proactively battle the supply of arms to these two fractured societies.

It is this very same approach I will adopt in that other Middle East hot-spot, the one that for so many decades has pitched the 50-odd Arab and Muslim states against the world’s sole Jewish nation, Israel. To paraphrase a former US President, read my lips: there will be an absolute stop to the supply of weapons to hate-mongers and violent terror groups. When the ability to perpetrate violence has been removed from the equation, the relevant sides will sit down and negotiate a solution. A solution that is a compromise. Because only a mutually agreed compromise will once and for all put an end to this conflict. A conflict that the community of nations has deliberately maintained as a running sore over a number of decades for reasons of political expediency.

Political expediency is at an end. From today the focus is on the human being. Whether Christian in Bethlehem, Muslim in Ramallah, Baha’i in Haifa or Jew in Jerusalem – the Nobel Peace Prize is going to sow the seeds for an approach that brings equal dignity to human beings across this conflict-ridden region.

Human dignity. For everyone. That means an end to Palestinian Arabs living in squalid refugee camps. It means full citizenship, and compensation, for all displaced peoples, both Arab Muslims and Arab Christians, as well as Jews from Arab lands. It means an absolute – and resolutely enforced – ban on arms shipments to all groups engaged in violence, as well as the financing of such groups by any means whatsoever. It means an unequivocal refusal to countenance a nuclear-armed Iran. That will not happen, for the simple reason that the Iranian regime has clearly announced it intends to erase a fellow member of the UN family, Israel, off the map. The UN is not Mafia family which countenances the rubbing out of other family members. It is supposed to be a family of tolerant nations that enshrine mutual respect. If this kind of family is not to your taste, you’re welcome to leave.

And it means, finally, the immediate and absolute ban on all further state-sponsored interference in the affairs of other sovereign nations. This means – and I spell it out very clearly – the total and absolute cessation of government funding of subversion within Israel. The Israelis and their Arab neighbours, including the Palestinians, need to have sufficient peace of mind to work out their differences without outside interference. I am absolutely convinced that without the interference and active subversion of nations such as Sweden via a plethora of “NGOs” – activities that only serve to preserve and extend the atmosphere of mutual distrust and conflict – the Israelis and their Arab neighbours will come to an agreement that meets the widest possible consensus. Not everybody will be satisfied, but the majority will – on all sides.

However, that requires an end to subversion through the use of state-funded organisations that really serve as the extended arm of various nations’ covert foreign policy aims.

That has got to stop. No more covert interference from outside.

While I am here in Oslo, allow me therefore to spell it out clearly for your Swedish neighbours: no more use of Swedish tax revenues to fund disparate organisations such as SIDA, Diakonia, Palestinagruppen, Palmecentret, the Swedish Church and their obsessive meddling in the Middle East. Swedish foreign policy should be conducted openly and transparently through its Foreign Minister. Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has used his time and energy and his nation’s considerable resources to try and persuade the entire EU to push through the division of Jerusalem. Some observers may find it remarkable that the EU would actively support partition in one city while celebrating the 20th anniversary of reunification in another city, Berlin.

However, while the drive to partition Jerusalem may be cheered in certain quarters and abhorred in others, it is nonetheless the openly declared policy of Sweden, through its Foreign Ministry, and as such perfectly legitimate. It is a policy that can be contested in many forums, and doubtless will. What is not legitimate, however, is for the Swedish Foreign Ministry to extend its reach under the table by employing a web of subversive organisations, providing massive government funding for the execution of an invisible policy. To give one single example, Sweden’s extremist Palestinagruppen, with membership totalling just 800 or so members, gets government grants totalling in the region of 5.5 million US dollars, which it uses to fund anti-Israel operations both in Sweden and in Israel. Sweden is of course far from the only c
ountry engaged in this subversion. Many European and other countries pursue an active strategy of parallel yet invisible foreign policy via various NGOs.

This will stop.

Today I received the Nobel Peace Prize, for which I offer my heartfelt thanks. It is an award that brings with it serious obligations. I intend to live up to the obligations that came with this award – I will promote peace. Robustly.

Because sometimes, promoting peace requires going to war.

If you are engaged in subverting peace, I put you on notice.

I am Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Hussein Obama, and I am prepared to go to war to ensure peace. Because the instruments of war have a very real role to play in preserving the peace.

I will go to war to preserve peace because I hold human dignity dear.

Thank you for you attention.

Barack Hussein Obama

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The art of terror, Swedish style

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
January this year saw a controversial work of art exhibited in Stockholm. “Snow White” depicted a smiling female Palestinian terrorist sailing in a pool of blood-red water. Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden Zvi Mazel added a touch of unexpected action to the exhibit by disconnecting the lights and throwing a tripod into the pool.

Mr. Mazel’s actions sparked strong protests from both the Swedish cultural elite and the country’s media, whose herd instinct on anything relating to the Middle East is legendary. The media have maintained a largely negative stance on the ambassador’s actions – echoing their attitude to the country he represents – while Swedish public opinion, assaulted by repeated footage of the carnage in Israel caused by Palestinian suicide bombings, tend to side with the beleaguered ambassador.

Media catching up to reality
Now it seems the Swedish media are beginning to catch up with public opinion. On 21 September, Thomas Lunderquist, commenting on cultural issues in Sweden’s foremost daily Svenska Dagbladet, wrote that art “must remain free in a decent society … For that reason, ambassador Zvi Mazel’s action was wrong. But let’s keep a healthy sense of perspective in all this. What is most worthy of our indignation? To set off a bomb in an Israeli-Arab restaurant and kill 21 civilians and injure another 50 or so people, or to disconnect the power socket from a lamp and then chuck the lamp into a pool of water? … (This reaction) was an expression of desperation in the face of Sweden’s inability or unwillingness to understand Israel and its citizens’ struggle for a fundamental human right – survival.”

By remarkable coincidence, Lunderquist’s article came shortly after Reuters’ global managing editor David A. Schlesinger confirmed that he instructs his reporters not to use terms like “terrorism” in reports from the Arab world because “my goal is to protect our reporters”. Reporting the news apparently isn’t a foremost concern at Reuters. One might well ask what else Reuters are denying the public.

Censorship thrives
Many of the international stories that monopoly Swedish news agency TT allows through to its readers come from Reuters. Consequently, the views of Swedish journalists are prejudiced already at source, even before the public get their TT-sanitised version of events. With this aggressive culture brewing within the media, it is scarcely surprising that Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter described Ambassador Mazel’s actions as that of “a vengeful Old-Testament God” – an anti-Semitic statement equally worthy of hard-line Muslim clerics and other implacable Jew-baiters and Israel-haters.

The political Left in Sweden – securely embedded within the media – vilify Israel while glorifying Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and other “heroic freedom fighters”. Here, Palestinian Jihadists who kill Israeli civilians are “militants” expressing their sense of desperation.

Financing terror in Sweden
Other Jihadists, however, created a watershed in Swedish perceptions. The Beslan atrocity in early September predictably had some Swedish papers rushing to defend the perpetrators, explaining that the militants were simply venting their desperation. But this time the reasoning did not go down well with the Swedish public, the images of the young victims proving too powerful for the media to overcome. The Beslan outrage was followed by a Swedish Communist Party Youth Wing conference in Gothenburg in support of Hamas and the PFLP – both branded as terror organisations by the EU, of which Sweden is a member. The intended keynote speaker was PFLP terrorist and airline hijacker Leila Khaled. Swedish Greens Party MP Gustav Fridolin – expelled earlier this year from Israel – was also due to address the conference. Public outrage persuaded both to cancel.

Sweden is a society that accommodates terrorists, nurtures terrorism apologists and gives a free rein to news agencies that routinely censor the news. It’s a society that reacts with horror to the slaughter of children in Beslan, but has been conditioned by its media to ignore a proportionately higher death toll when the victims are Jewish kids in Israel. It’s a frightening society where people look the other way while 6 Muslim youngsters throw a Jewish boy off a bus because he “has no right to breathe the same air as real people”, and where passersby ignore a Jewish school student as a gang of 9 Muslim youths advance on him in broad daylight with the ominous words “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to be a Jew in Sweden? We’ll show you just how dangerous it is.”

And yet it would appear that the highly unorthodox words and actions of Ambassador Mazel back in January are actually bearing fruit. Sweden now has an increasing number of journalists who dare do something that is un-Swedish in its very nature: they beg to differ, they highlight the truth. The truth about Muslim anti-Semitism, media blindness to an issue the public encounters every day, and media animosity to the existence of Israel.

Debate as an art form
Nine months after the event, Sweden is debating terror as an art form. Today there is open debate on the Swedish Church’s Boycott-Israel campaign, for which church donations are being used. There is debate about the millions donated by the EU and Swedish aid agency SIDA to various Palestinian causes – including anti-Semitic propaganda and sponsorship of the outlawed PFLP’s conference in Sweden. And the spotlight is finally being trained on the media’s knee-jerk refusal to criticise a corrupt Palestinian leadership that financially straitened Swedish taxpayers are being forced to bankroll through SIDA.

Debate too is an art form, an art form whose words are every bit as powerful as weapons are. Swedish society is gradually adjusting to an art form where public discourse may finally get the recognition it deserves, thanks to some forthright words – and actions – by an Israeli diplomat.