Lies, treason and media collusion

Here are the lies that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, dime-store author Henning Mankell, musician Dror Feiler (whose music has been condemned by health & safety officials as a health hazard), Islamist Mattias Gardell and other Swedes don’t want to recognise. Dror Feiler recently participated in a convoy of “aid” to Hamas that included medicines […]

Impartial, transparent international investigation into Turkey’s guilt

An impartial, transparent international investigation is needed into Turkey’s guilt over the deaths of nine people and the injuries suffered by scores of others last week. The Turkish regime planned, organised and financed the international aggression against UN member state Israel. Its aggression was aimed at breaking the blockade against the supply of rockets and other […]

The Swedish boycott

Swedish dockworkers are set to boycott cargo to and from Israel to mark their support for terrorist organisation Hamas’s right to import rockets for use against Israel. Thus far Hamas has fired more than 10,000 rockets at civilian communities in Israel. The radical left-wing Swedish Port Workers Union feels this is insufficient and is now […]

The truth emerges

Embarrassingly for Hamas, Turkey and their various overseas collaborators, the truth about the Islamist convoy against Israel is emerging, slowly but surely. Read this eyewitness account from on board the Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara, where well-trained Islamic terrorists went on the attack against the Israeli police action well before the Israelis even boarded the vessel. […]

Back to the classroom

What’s in a name? Who did what? Who was right? What are the mainstream media NOT telling? An excellent short film that explains the background to the “Ship to Gaza” terror-assistance project, told with a glint in the eye. A textbook example of how to present what others leave out. Read also: CAMERA: “Greta […]

The Islamists’ goal: propaganda through "martyrdom"

More proof that the Islamists on board the Turkish vessel Mava Marmara planned the deaths on the ship to generate propaganda bounty. Read the interview with the family of one of the deceased. His wife and children relate that Ali Aydar Bengi joined the convoy with the specific intention of dying on camera so as […]

Turkish CCTV provides the evidence!

What idiots! First they lie about this being a “peaceful” protest, then they tool up with ceramic body armour, gas masks, night-vision goggles, grenades, daggers, axes, metal clubs, chains and guns – in full view of their own on-board CCTV cameras. And then they attack the Israeli police force while the Israelis are still at […]

When civilian deaths don’t matter

Yesterday about 30 or 40 people aboard the Turkish vessel Mava Marmara attempted to murder a number of Israeli officers executing a search warrant. The officers boarded the vessel to prevent the smuggling of suspected contraband to the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organisation. After a dozen Israeli officers were wounded, […]