Sweden's Islamist Housing Minister Resigns

Swedish Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan has resigned. The Housing Minister, an avowed Islamist whose only action thus far after 18 months in the government is to announce that he will “liberate Jerusalem”, has resigned following a series of revelations about his long-term and intimate links with fascist Islamist groups closely allied with Turkey’s dictator Erdogan. Kaplan […]

Anti-Semitic Education in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Local Education Authority (LEA) of Gothenburg in Sweden has taken an unusually aggressive decision to expose the city’s schoolchildren to a highly controversial film entitled (in the English translation) “Even the dead have a name” produced by the pro-terrorist Ship to Gaza (StG) organisation. This is a remarkably insensitive decision, especially bearing in mind […]

Ship to Gaza: The latest Scandinavian stunt?

A version of the following op-ed without hyperlinks was published in the Jerusalem Post on August 14, 2012. Here is the article with hyperlinks for reference purposes. You’ve got to hand it to the publicly funded Scandinavian pro-Hamas and anti-Israel lobby that goes by the name of “Ship to Gaza”. They sure know how to […]

Earthquake hits Turkish regime

The earthquake in Turkey has not only brought death and injury to the long-suffering Turkish people. Among the earthquake’s victims is also the Turkisk regime’s attitude towards the Jewish state of Israel. Because now the Turkish regime has been forced to back down, submitting a request for emergency assistance. Which Israel is more than willing […]

Tenors for Terror

Ahmedido Domingo, Erdogano Pavarotti and Assad Carreras in beautiful harmony. Enjoy courtesy of Latma TV. And after the fun, here’s the REALLY worrying part: Read Bret Stephens who in Commentary Magazine writes about how Iran does not seem stoppable. Islamism – soon in a suburb near you. Read Greg Sheridan in The Australian who writes about how the […]

Israel released top terrorists from Gaza convoy

Israel released a number of top-ranking terrorists who sailed with the Turkish Hamas convoy to Gaza. Among them a leading Hamas financier and a Syrian – yes Syrian! – intelligence officer with responsibility for links to and coordination with Iran. This while Israeli youngster Gilad Schalit still languishes in illegal captivity in Gaza. Hamas denies […]

Hamas can win it all

Hamas can have all they want, but they refuse to pay the price. The price is immensely high – the terrorist organisation will have to release from illegal incarceration a young Israeli kidnapped from Israel while he was still a teenager. That boy’s name is Gilad Schalit. It’s naturally a price Hamas cannot accept. We […]

Suicide activists in the Gaza convoy

Watch the film, it explains it all in simple terms. The convoy transports and exports hatred of Jews, of Israel, of democracy, of the most basic tenets of human decency. Read also “In the Trenches” about how inhumane these “human rights” activists really are – when it comes to Jews. Read here a brief account of […]