Hypocrisy at the highest level

We live in interesting – and astonishingly hypocritical – times. The US forces Israel to release 104 Islamist terrorists tried and convicted of terrorism against civilians in Israel, because their release will allow the current US government to curry favour in the Muslim world. Their release will strengthen the USA’s hand in whatever political, diplomatic, […]

The truth about refugees in the Middle East

Watch this admirably short and factual film about the origins of refugees in the Middle East and the cynicism that has perpetuated a human tragedy for 63 long years. Danny Ayalon, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Israel, explains why there still are Arab refugees from the 1948 pan-Arab onslaught against the Jewish state. He explains […]

Anniversary of the latest expression of racism

Four years of international silence. Today marks the fourth year since Islamists from one of the world’s 52 Muslim countries/territories – the Hamas regime in Gaza – invaded the world’s only Jewish country – Israel – and illegally kidnapped an Israeli teenager, Gilad Schalit. Over these four years the FN, EU (Schalit is also a […]

The truth only the media could miss

Question:When is the truth not the truth? Answer:When the media decide they want a different story. So here’s a story that bypasses the mainstream media – in order to guarantee that the truth gets out. It comes courtesy of the American Jewish Committee, AJCnyc. (http://www.ajc.org/) Five minutes and ten seconds. That’s all it will take […]

Not the cause

The following article was published in the English-language Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram, no. 937, 5-11 March 2009.Source: Al-Ahram, Egypthttp://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2009/937/letters.htm Sir– ‘Piecing the jigsaw‘ ( Al-Ahram Weekly, 26 February-4 March) was a revealing and disturbing piece of analysis. Not because the article was in any way incorrect but rather because it was so very correct. The bombing […]

Swedish democracy falters on stony ground in Malmö

Saturday 7 March will see 10,000 rabid anti-democrats streaming into the centre of Malmö in southern Sweden. Their mission: to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the fact that the Swedish government allowed four Jews from Israel to compete in the internationally acclaimed Davis Cup tennis tournament – a tournament that has played host to such stars […]