The barrier that arouses no protests

In the Middle East there is a barrier – a totally impenetrable wall – about which nobody in the West protests. A barrier that controls the movements of individuals, that prevents law-abiding citizens from going to their work-places, to their schools, to the shops. A wall that prevents people from visiting their parents, relatives, friends. […]

The Aftonbladet non-story

Question:When is organ trafficking involving Palestinian victims not a headline-grabbing story? Answer 1:When Swedish extreme-Left tabloid Aftonbladet realizes that the despicable practice cannot be blamed on Jews, Israelis, Zionists or democrats. Answer 2:When Swedish extreme-Left tabloid Aftonbladet realizes that the despicable practice is in fact taking place among Muslims in Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza […]

CNN confuses propaganda with journalism

The CNN programme “God’s Holy Warriors” with Christiane Amanpour remarkably tried to equate the few actions of a handful of extremist Jewish Israelis (some dating back 20 years, that’s how difficult it was to find anything negative to portray) with the constant, repeated, widespread and – in the wider Muslim world – largely universally acclaimed […]

The strategy of accumulated abuse is permissible – depending on who you choose as its hapless victim

To the programming editors at Sky News,I wish to draw your attention to the following quote, as close to verbatim as I can manage: “These proceedings can take anything up to a year or a year and a half, but in the meantime the damage will have been well and truly done.” Mr al Bari, […]