Richard Goldstone’s dark secret out in the open

Richard Goldstone sentenced scores of black Africans to death in South Africa while serving as a judge in that country. His explanation: “Those were the laws, I had to respect them.” The wording is frighteningly reminiscent of the defence put forward by several high-ranking officials of the Third Reich at their post-War trials. They were […]

2922 is less than 22

In December 2008, Operation Cast Lead saw Israel finally respond to 2922 days of constant missile barrages from the Gaza Strip – up to 50 missiles a day – aimed at Israeli towns, villages, hospitals, schools, power stations and factories. The Israeli response to these 2922 days of Palestinian Arab aggression lasted 22 days. Much […]

A promising investment

The UN Human Rights Council is the best, the most promising, the most successful purchase the Arab regimes have made to date. An investment worth its weight in oil. The UN used its funds to commission a UNHRC report whose planning brief specified in advance that it was to find Israel guilty of war crimes […]