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Swedish state TV censorship working perfectly, thanks for asking

Monday, June 24th, 2013

On Sunday night Palestinian-Arab terrorists fired six (6) rockets against civilian targets in southern Israel. The random selection of the targets was intended to spread terror: schools, homes, business, hospitals and streets.

On Swedish state-run TV, SVT, this wanton act of terrorism merited not a single mention. Not one word.

Not long ago, however, the same SVT carried detailed reports on how “Palestinian children are arrested every day by Israeli soldiers” and “UN report says Palestinians are increasingly poor”.

So it would appear there are still journalists at SVT, they are still publicly financed by Swedish taxpayers. It’s merely the selection process that determines which news is allowed to be reported to the paying public.

Selection. A word that that has an immensely negative resonance in the mind of any thinking advocate of democracy.

But apparently not in the case of SVT journalists.

Who, it should be repeated, are financed by the Swedish public.

Welcome to the new Sweden. Nazism as a state apparatus is gone. Communism as a state apparatus has shrunk steadily with the advent of free information and the digital world. But censorship as a propaganda tool wielded by a state-financed apparatus lives on in good Nazi and communist spirit.

In Sweden.

SVT-censuren fungerar perfekt, tack för att ni frågar

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Natten till måndag 24 juni sköt palestinsk-arabiska terrorister sex (6) raketer mot civila mål i södra Israel: skolor, bostadshus, affärer, sjukhus och gator.

I SVT-text rapporterades  -  inte ett enda ord.

För inte så länge kunde man å andra sidan få mycket detaljerade SVT-reportage om till exempel att “Varje dag fängslas palestinska barn av israeliska soldater” eller “FN: Palestinier allt fattigare”.

journalistyrket alltjämt finns, det alltjämt finansieras (i SVTs fall) av offentliga medel – det är bara selekteringsprocessen som styr vilka rapport som ska komma fram.

Selektering. Ett ord som klingar oerhört negativt i varje tänkande människas öra.

Fast inte hos journalisterna på SVT.

Som betalas ur den offentliga kassan.

Det vill säga – av dig och mig.

Välkomna till det nya Sverige. Nazism som statsapparat är borta. Kommunism som statsapparat har krympt allt mer. Men censur som propagandaverktyg dikterad av an statsfinansierad apparat lever kvar i gammal god nazi och kommunistisk anda.

More Pallywood

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Pallywood propaganda at its worst.

Palestinian-Arab children are indoctrinated by their society to deliberately put themselves in harm’s way by provoking Israeli soldiers with insults, verbal abuse and physical attacks, hoping the soldiers will lose their cool and respond. Luckily the Israeli soldiers seem to regard this sort of idiocy as some kind of rank amateur reality-TV show and laugh it off, treating it with the contempt it deserves. But there’s always the danger that this kind of provocation may just succeed and that’s when the effort pays huge media dividends.

That is why these children are never sent out alone, but always with pro-Palestinian press photographers and also civilians equipped specifically for this purpose with cameras, ready to document these highly scripted, carefully choreographed and preplanned staged scenes.

In addition there is another dimension that is almost too grotesque to mention: the children, often young western-looking Arab girls, are selected and sent out into these confrontations without their parents – but with their parents’ active support, coaching and approval. What kind of parents in a civilised society deliberately abuse their children in this way? This is child abuse of the worst sort and the parents should be dragged into court.

Instead they are heaped with praise and their children get to meet the top political leaders!

The “peace-loving moderate” Mahmud Abbas embraces two little girls abused by his Palestinian propaganda machine.

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