The truth about the UN – and about Israel

This short video clip delivers a few well-expressed truths about the UN, about Israel, and about the “Palestinian state” and its fanatical backers in the Arab and wider Muslim worlds, aided and abetted by countries notorious for their serial human rights abuses.

Egypt: "There is no Palestine!"

Following Sunday’s bloody Islamist slaughter that left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead, Egypt’s patience with the extremist Hamas regime of Gaza and with the Palestinian Arabs in general has evaporated. “There is nothing called Palestine, Palestinians are traitors!” shouts an Egyptian to widespread public applause. See the video below. Only well-paid, impeccably attired bureaucrats peddling their […]

A few thoughts about naive western 'useful idiots'

Michael Coren aims a broadside at Danish terrorism supporter Andreas Ias and his collaborators and handlers. Idiots who are happy to travel to an open, democratic country like Israel in order to incite riots. Whose (usually publicly funded) mission is to score cheap points thanks to an inherently lazy media corps, instead of going where they […]

What exactly do the Palestinians want?

Question:When is it OK to demolish a Muslim graveyard in order to use the property to build factories, shops, banks and offices?Answer:When Muslims in Jerusalem want to make money. (Read the Palestine Post from November 22, 1945 for proof.) Question:When is it an insult against Islam to build on a derelict former parking lot that […]