The truth about the UN – and about Israel

This short video clip delivers a few well-expressed truths about the UN, about Israel, and about the “Palestinian state” and its fanatical backers in the Arab and wider Muslim worlds, aided and abetted by countries notorious for their serial human rights abuses.

Why isn’t there peace in and around Israel?

Pat Condell has the answers in the following video. And as usual the answers are glaringly obvious – so simple and straightforward that only career politicians and journalists could miss them. Some key quotes from the video: “The Arabs don’t hate Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because of Jews.” “The world needs to […]

Who wants peace? And who definitely does not?

No words necessary. A pair of ears and a pair of eyes will do just fine. No need to insult your intelligence by trying to convince you – the film clips speak for themselves. See the video and draw your own conclusions. Now spread this clip!!! Read also: What exactly do the Palestinians want?

Israel bars entry to anti-Israel campaigners

So finally Israel has decided to inject itself with some much-needed self-respect. She has barred three Swedish anti-Israel provocateurs from entering the country to spread their poison. Swedish anti-Israel provocateurs receive Swedish state funding through a variety of means and are thoroughly trained in the art of political and social subversion. For further evidence, read here, here […]