Palestinianism – the multi-billion dollar malaise

What a joke! The anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority can’t even secure the Gaza Strip – the other half of their ethnically cleansed “state” – from the Strip’s equally anti-Semitic Hamas. And there’s a call to make Israel Palestine? The funny bit is the word “again”. In their convoluted logic,  three thousand years of continuous Jewish rule […]

Time to put a stop to Erakat’s comfortable lifestyle

The racist Palestinian Authority is getting way too comfortable peddling its blood libels. A Hamas terrorist murders civilian Jews. Israel arrests him, but gives him free hospital treatment for serious prior medical conditions totally unrelated to his incarceration. The terrorist dies after a long period of battling his terminal illness. Now the Palestinian Authority’s chief […]

Sweden's eagerness to drag Israel into war

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström recently visited arch-terrorist Mahmud Abbas in Ramallah. From the hands of Abbas she received a military honour given only to “Soldiers of Palestine”. That medal is called the “Star of Jerusalem” and it is given only to “a soldier who has performed a distinguished act”. This is according to The […]

Arab arson in Israel – a lesson in Arab stupidity

Arab arson in Israel: Here’s a first-hand account by one of the affected families in Neve Tsuf. I give below the first-hand account of Rochelle Cohen, exactly as she wrote it. Two things emerge from her harrowing yet inspiring text: The Arab mindset is still stuck in the primitive barbarism of burning people alive – […]

Palestine: a protection racket that excels in intimidation

Intimidation, extortion, blackmail, protection rackets. That’s “Palestinian diplomacy” in a nutshell. Amazing, isn’t it? The “Palestinians” are so supremely self-confident, they are threatening the EU and UN. Just remember that the “Palestinians” are the people whose entire economy is dependent on welfare payments taken away from hard-working EU and UN citizens and pensioners, and instead […]

When anti-Semitism enters, intelligence exits

1st of May today. Traditionally the day on which avid supporters of communism, the political movement that has killed almost 100 million people worldwide, take to the streets to celebrate their “achievements”. Many among this group have a new darling cause to support: they call it anti-Zionism. In this cause, they are joined by a […]

Margot Wallström's thundering silence

Really, Swedish Foreign Minister MargotWallström, you’ve got nothing to say? A PA policeman – ultimately paid by Sweden – shot and tried to murder three Israelis yesterday. Today the PA buried him with full state and military honours. And no doubt his surviving family members will receive the customary generous Sweden-financed lifetime pension in “honour” […]

Sweden's questionable humanitarianism

Anti-Semitic attacks by Arabs encouraged and paid for by renowned Holocaust-denier and arch-racist Mahmud Abbas have torn apart civilian Jewish lives and families in Haifa, Petach Tikva, Netanya, Rishon LeZion, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rehov,  Ashdod and more. And that’s just in the past 24 hours. The disgusting part is: self-styled “humanitarian superpower” Sweden, which actually […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes Are Embarrassingly Transparent

Apparently Barack Obama is the President, Prime Minister and National Saviour of the Jewish state of Israel. He is also the Global Conscience of the entire world. In his own mind, at least. Yesterday, March 18th 2015, it became clear that: “The administration of President Barack Obama will not accept Netanyahu’s policy reversal since his […]

Sweden: When not all the news is fit to print

Want to fully understand how the cancer that is anti-Semitism infects a society, in a manner as deadly as the silent spread of an invisible cloud of poison gas killing off an entire, unsuspecting population while it sleep? Look no further than the Swedish media – willing agents spreading the fatal toxin of anti-Semitism. Yesterday, […]