Enough already! Swedes have had enough anti-Israel media prejudice

On Sunday 9th December this year a rally was held outside the offices of Aftonbladet, a Swedish tabloid equally well known for its vicious anti-Israel stance as for its peddling of raw anti-Semitic vitriol. The theme of the rally was “Enough is Enough!” – no more media prejudice against the Jewish state, no more anti-Israel […]

Swedish FM Carl Bildt talks about "immaturity"!

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has made a career out of protecting Islamists, using Swedish taxpayer funds to jet off to photo-ops with terror supporters, and shielding Islamists from the fallout of their own actions. Most recently Carl Bildt was the only EU foreign minister to block heightened economic sanctions against Iran, whose regime openly […]

Death in the Sinai Desert

Here’s something you won’t find Sweden’s infamous ‘reporter’ Donald Boström writing about, or Sweden’s infamous daily newspaper Aftonbladet publishing: The Sinai Bedouin engage in systematic – and documented – racism against black Africans, both Muslim and Christian, including rape, torture, human trafficking, drug peddling, organ harvesting and murder on an industrial scale. CNN reporter Fred […]

The Aftonbladet non-story

Question:When is organ trafficking involving Palestinian victims not a headline-grabbing story? Answer 1:When Swedish extreme-Left tabloid Aftonbladet realizes that the despicable practice cannot be blamed on Jews, Israelis, Zionists or democrats. Answer 2:When Swedish extreme-Left tabloid Aftonbladet realizes that the despicable practice is in fact taking place among Muslims in Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza […]

Swedish reporter's change of heart

Swedish photographer Donald Boström made waves in August this year when he abandoned his career as a photographer and instead tried his hand at journalism. It was a mistake. He does not write coherently, he fails in the elementary ABC of checking on sources, he is subjective and unable to be objective, and his pro-Palestinian […]

From the sublime to the ridiculous

But which is which? The Jerusalem Post reports that rumours are spreading like wildfire throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds. They allege an Israeli and Jewish organ trafficking ring led by one or more rabbis is harvesting organs from Algerian children and exporting them to Israel and the US. No evidence is offered in support […]

Aftonbladet’s defence begins to crumble

STOP PRESS STOP PRESS STOP PRESS The Swedish Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz commented this afternoon on the Aftonbladet affair.He says that the government could go much further in its criticism of the Aftonbladet article without in any way contravening the constitution. “The government has considerable leeway in such matters. A minister can without risk […]

In Sweden, silence is golden – literally

Just ask Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt The gold is in the form of Swedish tax revenues paid dutifully by hard-working Swedes lucky enough to still have a job. That gold is used by the Swedish government. Not for the Swedish population but for the Palestinian Arab population. 700 million kronor per annum, and increasing […]

Sweden's highly voluble Carl Bildt suddenly prefers silence

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says it is improper for his government or any of its designated diplomats to comment on racist slurs by a Swedish newspaper.This after Swedish left-wing tabloid Aftonbladet published unsubstantiated anti-Semitic allegations linking together the shooting of an Arab terrorist in the West Bank in 1992, a nationwide Israeli campaign to […]