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The IOC disgrace

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

What does it take for well-paid (from public coffers) IOC officials to take a stance in favour of common decency and humanity?

When will IOC officials choose right over evil?

Apparently, never.

Guri Weinberg, son of the Israeli athlete who was brutally tortured, castrated and murdered in the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists aided by current Palestinian Arab President Mahmoud Abbas, speaks out on the IOC’s latest disgrace:

Fox News was one of many news outlets that saw fit to publish Guri Weinberg’s op-ed on the Munich massacre, which was carried out by Palestinian Arabs on the Jewish athletes. The IOC, on the other hand, has consistently refused to honour the memory of the Israelis murdered at the IOC event by racist Palestinian Arabs.

Of course, it all fits in neatly with IOC President Jacques Rogge’s animosity towards the Jewish state and his enthusiastic embrace of Palestinian intransigence, as this article reveals. In the article he promises to support the Palestinian Arabs and even goes so far as to clothe himself in one of the terrorist entity’s infamous keffiyehs. The design of the Palestinian Arab keffiyeh is famous for denoting all of Israel as vanquished and incorporated into a pan-Arab “Palestine”.

It all ties in neatly with the IOC ethos of appeasing Islamist perpetrators of violence and racism while ignoring the Jewish victims of this racist onslaught. Read here how the Lebanese Olympic judo team refused even to train in the same premises as the Israeli team, demanding instead the construction of a barrier between the two teams so the Lebanese Arabs would not be offended by the sight of Jews. The Olympic organisers promptly agreed to the racist demand.

It’s amazing how keenly the Arab and Islamist worlds embrace barriers when they suit their purposes…

The Olympic Charter states unequivocally:

Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.

Apparently the Olympic Charter is not unequivocal enough for the International Olympic Committee which wrote the Charter. The IOC ignored the blatant racist contravention of the Charter by the Arab Lebanese and allowed them to remain in the competition. Heck, they even admitted a team from an as yet non-existent entity called “Palestine” – yes folks, that’s the same “Palestine” that perpetrated the atrocity in Munich 1972 in which 11 Israeli athletes were tortured and then slaughtered for being Jewish. The Palestinian Arab Olympic Committe Chairman, arch-terrorist Jibril Rajoub, openly and heartily thanked the IOC for its support. In an earlier interview Jibril Rajoub stated there is no question of ever permitting any form of normality with the Jewish state, which he characterised as “Satan” and populated by “Zionist sons of bitches”, stating that visitors to “Palestine” should be flown in by helicopter so as to avoid having to see any Jews. His remarks received a rapturous applause.

But hey, the Olympics are taking place in London, Great Britain. Whose Guardian newspaper thinks nothing of blaming – you guessed it – the Jewish state because Arab Islamist men in Gaza have a habit of beating up their Arab Islamist wives. No, really – this is what the Guardian of Great Britain actually publishes. No evil too absurd or illogical to attribute to the Jewish state. It’s all on a par with allegations of Zionist sharks trained to attack only Arabs (I kid you not), Zionist rats trained to invade only Arab homes, Zionist squirrels on secret sabotage missions in Iran, and Zionist pigeons trained to fly in the skies over Islamic states to spy on them. All of which makes the Zionist traffic lights, which turn green for cars driven by Jews but red for cars driven by Arabs, seem almost realistic.

The IOC blends neatly into its adopted milieu.

Now we know…

Monday, July 30th, 2012

… why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) flatly refused to hold a minute’s silence as a mark of respect for the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Munich, Germany, in 1972.

One single photograph says it all: IOC President Jacques Rogge wearing a keffiyeh with the text “Palestine” printed boldly across it.

The Palestinian Authority officially thanked Jacques Rogge for his staunch refusal to hold a minute’s silence in memory of the Jewish athletes murdered by Palestinian Arabs currently heading the Palestinian Authority – including PA President and Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Abbas.


IOC President Jacques Rogge photographed in Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian Authority, on Tuesday 5 October (hat tip to Daled Amos) 



The antithesis of the Olympic spirit

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

The 2012 London Olympics are under way.

IOC President Jacques Rogge consistently declined to hold a one-minute silence to honour the memories of the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes slain at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Israeli athletes were slaughtered – at the Olympic Games – by Palestinian terrorists. There is considerable evidence to suggest that current Palestinian Arab President Mahmoud Abbas was the numbers expert behind the massacre, engineering the financing and logistics of the terrorist attack.

But Jacques Rogge felt unable to respect the memories of Jewish athletes murdered for representing the Jewish state. Instead, in his inaugural speech dedicating the opening of the London Games, Jacques Rogge said:

“The values that inspired de Coubertin will come to life over the next 17 days as the world’s best athletes compete in a spirit of friendship, respect and fair play.”

He needs to learn the true meaning of the word “respect”.

The Palestinian Arab regime, which murdered the Israeli athletes in 1972 because they were Jewish, making this an overtly racist act, even had the cheek to congratulate the IOC for refusing to honour the memories of the slain Olympic competitors, on the grounds that

“Sports are meant for peace, not for racism… Sports are a bridge to love, interconnection, and spreading of peace among nations; it must not be a cause of division and spreading of racism between them [nations].”
[Official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 25, 2012]

Read the Palestinian Media Watch report on this public disgrace – which goes against the very grain of everything that the Olympic spirit is supposed to represent.

The worst part is that Rogge’s speech came AFTER the Lebanese Olympic judo team refused even to practice in the vicinity of the Israeli team. The Lebanese displayed their take on “friendship” and “respect” by insisting that a barrier be erected between themselves and the Israelis so they wouldn’t be offended by the sight of Jews. Guess what? Their demand was immediately met by the organisers.

Question: exactly how far does society have to degenerate at the hands of the Arab and Islamic über-ego before civilised, democratic people the world over tell them to pack it in?

Of course, it is regarded as politically incorrect to refer to Arabs and Islamists as terrorists, irrespective of how many acts of terrorism they commit on a daily basis. The disease of political correctness has taken on such absurd proportions that CNN reported yesterday prior to the opening of the games that there was a significant security presence in London to ward off any possible terrorist attack by – wait for it – Irish separatists and anarchists. Not Arab. Not Muslim. Not Islamist. Go figure.

The time has come to start calling a spade a spade. Terrorism against innocent civilians, at least in the Western world, is today almost the sole preserve of the Arab and wider Islamist worlds.

There, I’ve said it.

I may be politically incorrect. But at least I’m honest.

Which automatically precludes me from a job with CNN or the BBC.

The IOC, praying as usual at the altar of political correctness, fails to respect the victims of racist terrorism 40 years ago, while turning a blind eye today to the very racism that inspired that terrorism.

The Arab Lebanese Olympic judo team should have been kicked out for contravening the very essence of the Olympic spirit. Instead, like spoilt kids throwing tantrums in public, they were bribed to keep them happy and not cause an embarrassment.

The Israeli Olympic team representing the Jewish state paid the price. Again.

Bearing in mind the behaviour of the Lebanese Olympic team, the Iranian Olympic team (which consistently refuses to compete against Israelis) and the unspeakably disgraceful behaviour of the Palestinian Authority in referring to the Jewish victims of Palestinian Arab terrorism as “racists”, it is time to speak a simple truth:

The Arab and wider Islamist worlds are by their very nature, by virtue of their own everyday words and deeds, an embarrassment to civilised democracies the world over.

What does it take for civilised, democratic society to tell these Arab and Islamist extremists once and for all to either accept the norms of civilised behaviour, or return home and stop bothering decent people?

The Olympic spirit is foreign ground to them.