The IOC disgrace

What does it take for well-paid (from public coffers) IOC officials to take a stance in favour of common decency and humanity? When will IOC officials choose right over evil? Apparently, never. Guri Weinberg, son of the Israeli athlete who was brutally tortured, castrated and murdered in the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists aided by […]

Now we know…

… why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) flatly refused to hold a minute’s silence as a mark of respect for the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Munich, Germany, in 1972. One single photograph says it all: IOC President Jacques Rogge wearing a keffiyeh with the text “Palestine” printed boldly across it. […]

The antithesis of the Olympic spirit

The 2012 London Olympics are under way. IOC President Jacques Rogge consistently declined to hold a one-minute silence to honour the memories of the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes slain at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Israeli athletes were slaughtered – at the Olympic Games – by Palestinian terrorists. There is considerable evidence to suggest […]