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Amnesty International’s Public Apology

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Remember Amnesty International Finland’s Frank Johansson?

He’s the scurrilous individual whose salary is paid out of public donations, who a few months back used such choice expressions as “scum state” when referring to Israel.

The Tundra Tabloids blog brought the matter to the attention of the world and pursued it in a variety of ways, including a follow-up article in the Jerusalem Post. The scandalous issue prompted NGO Monitor to write a stern letter to the Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Now the cowed Frank Johansson has published a total retraction and an abject apology for his disgraceful behaviour. Read it here in Tundra Tabloids.

Well done Tundra Tabloids!

The EU goes to school and learns nothing

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Catherine Ashton is high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and vice president of the European Commission.

At considerable public expense (she and her extensive retinue are funded by European taxpayers), she recently traveled to the Gaza Strip on what she termed was a mission “to see whether European assistance money has an effect on the ground”. Her conclusion? “It does.”

Returning from the Islamist-controlled Gaza Strip – the Hamas terrorist organisation seized control of the territory in an illegal and particularly brutal coup – she jotted down her impressions in an article in the New York Times entitled “Lessons from a Gaza Trip”.

It has to be said straight off: if this is how Catherine Ashton learns lessons, it’s a wonder she ever graduated from junior school.

She went to the Gaza Strip and learned nothing. Least of all the fundamental concept of “cause and effect”. She recorded that upon leaving the modern and vibrant Jewish nation of Israel and entering Gaza you emerge “like a time-traveler transported backwards, on a dirt track. This is where the industrial center of Gaza used to be. Now, people with donkeys and carts carry stones from the rubble”. She failed to learn, let alone explain, that the reason why the industrial center of Gaza (which used to give employment to hundreds of Gaza residents) is a pile of rubble is because the Hamas rulers consistently bombarded it in order to force its closure – and then employ gullible useful idiots like Ashton to claim that there are no jobs for Gazans because of Israel.

Among the more remarkable claims this paragon of Euro-intelligence and foreign policy blundering makes is that European financial assistance has a positive effect on the ground. She is right, in a way. Because whatever financial assistance is provided on the ground frees up corresponding funding below ground for the tunnels that are used for the purchase, import, engineering and firing of missiles at Israeli civilians – most recently with one fatality last week. It is a remarkably simple lesson in elementary mathematics and logic that Lady Catherine Ashton appears not to have learned.

To find out more about how continued EU and other foreign meddling funding extends the conflict, read the following report by NGO Monitor.

Even more remarkably, Ashton traveled to the Gaza Strip and failed to undertake the most basic and most effective steps to assure Israel that she is truly non-partisan. All she had to do was state that her planned visit would go ahead subject to the immediate and unconditional release of Gilad Schalit, the only Jew alive in an otherwise Jew-free, ethnically cleansed Gaza Strip. Schalit was kidnapped from Israel while in his teens and has been illegally held by Gaza’s Hamas rulers ever since, almost four years now. In contravention of a whole raft of international agreements, not least the Geneva Conventions, he has not been granted visitation rights by his parents, legal representation (not that he is accused of anything other than being a Jew), he has been denied visits by the Red Cross (although to be fair the Red Cross have never demanded to visit him) and as Hamas proudly boasts the young man has not seen daylight for his entire 4-year captivity.

All Ashton had to do to convince Israel of her impartiality was to demand Schalit’s release as a precondition for her high-profile visit and the continued pumping in of massive foreign aid.

But such a step was unthinkable to Lady Catherine Ashton and her EU backers.

All she could do was to feed continued Arab and Islamist intransigence with statements such as “A way must be found to resolve the status of Jerusalem as the future capital of both Israel and Palestine.” Really? Why is this so important, yet the release of Gilad Schalit is not? And why is this so important but there is no urgent need to find a way to resolve the status of Hebron as a city that is as important to many Israelis as Jerusalem itself is? Hebron used to be the political capital of the Jewish nation and to this day is of vital significance as a religious centre. Neither Jerusalem nor Hebron has ever been of the slightest importance to any Arab or Muslim community, except insofar as they are important to the Jews which automatically means they are claimed by the entire Arab and Muslim world with the subservient assistance of dhimmi (servile) European and US administrations. Visit the ME Forum and read this article to find out what dhimmitude has in store for the West.
Lessons from a Gaza Trip”? The EU’s foreign-policy and security head really needs lessons in how to do her homework. She has learned nothing.

Useful links:
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Read the Tundra Tabloids for an analysis of what dhimmitude brings to Western society.

Read more from this blog about Gilad Schalit and his incarceration. Gilad Schalit was kidnapped from Israel while he was still a teenager and his captors are currently engaged in the illegal and primitive practice of human trafficking, auctioning his life in exchange for various rewards.
In Sweden silence is golden
Ban Ki-moon’s strange silence
Out with the old, in with the new – maybe
The drip effect

The European Parliament has taken a stance on behalf of Gilad Schalit
ECR group calls for release of Gilad Schalit:
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on European governments to work for Gilad Schalit’s freedom:
For an insightful analysis of the war that continued foreign meddling is going to bring to the Middle East, read the following article by Daniel Pipes

The drip effect

Monday, March 1st, 2010

The tactic is well-known. The constant drip designed to gradually erode all resistance.

It’s the tactic that the world’s collective of anti-Semites and assorted other racists are employing against the Jewish state.

The most recent outbreak of this epidemic is IAW, Israel Apartheid Week, whose purpose is to “educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system”. Bafflingly, the organisation then retracts, saying that Israel “is obviously not the exact same thing as Apartheid South Africa” but goes on to maintain that as long as the offensive likeness can be used as a bludgeon against the Jewish state, it will be put to good use.

Visit the CAMERA website to find out how the IAW’s Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) strategy is a publicly funded weapon designed specifially to prevent any prospects for peace in the Middle East.

NGO Monitor underlines the fact that organisations such as IAW and Sweden’s Alternative Information Center are actually government-funded. Individual European states and the EU as a bloc provide most of the funding for these subversive activities against a UN member state, the aim of which is to delegitimise that state.

IAW demands an end to “colonization of all Arab lands” and “full equality for Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel,” while also demanding the removal of the security fence that Israel has built where it provides most security against Palestinian Arab terrorism – which occasionally means those Jewish provinces that Palestinian Arabs want for a future state but without the niceties of having to negotiate over their acquisition. IAW also demands what it terms the “right of return for Palestinian refugees”. Inexplicably, not a return to the Arab state of Palestine, but to the Jewish state of Israel.

IAW, like legion other anti-Israel organisations, never works to better the lot of Palestinian Arabs – it does not help set up trade missions to boost Palestinian Arab commerce, industry, banking or agriculture. It does not support joint ventures to increase Palestinian Arab trade abroad. It does not work to place Palestinian Arab products on supermarket shelves. Instead, IAW, like others of its ilk, has just one item on its agenda: the deconstruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamist state.

For a brief yet exhaustive examination of what IAW and its cohorts stand for and what they really could do, read Christopher Aqurette’s article entitled “Racists celebrate annual Israel-bashing week”.

Of course, IAW does not operate in a vacuum. It is aided and abetted by politically driven media and by some rather besotted politicians.
Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt writes in his blog (in Swedish) about his concern over Israeli military overflights in Lebanese skies – but ignores the reason for these monitoring flights: that Iranian terrorist proxy Hizbollah, in flagrant breach of a binding UN Security Council resolution, continues to rearm in southern Lebanon along the border with Israel. Carl Bildt writes his blog from his vantage point aboard a UN helicopter flying along the Lebanon-Israel border where he can clearly see the massive Hizbollah infrastructure swiftly spreading ever further south towards Israel. Perhaps his helicopter had blacked-out windows.
Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson is currently participating in an overtly anti-Israel event called the Gaza Accountability Conference in which she demands that “the Gaza crossings must be opened unconditionally and immediately” and that “Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem must be united”. She has not said anything about what the Palestinian Arabs have to do to earn this, such as a stop to terror or racist indoctrination. Neither has the Swedish government minister said anything about Hamas releasing the one Jew still (hopefully) alive in a Gaza Strip that has otherwise been ethnically cleansed of all Jews, both dead and alive. Gilad Schalit was kidnapped as a teenager from inside Israel more than three years ago and has since been held in Gaza without access to legal representation (not that he is accused of anything), without visits by the Red Cross (not that they have demanded visitation rights), and without access to his family. Swedish government minister Gunilla Carlsson’s silence on this issue while voicing demands that benefit Palestinian Arab terrorists is a cause for grave concern.
Large swathes of the major media here seem to be equally blind. The UN’s own Middle East envoy Robert Serry says clearly that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In other words, the hysterical allegations of Gaza’s humanitarian crisis are merely media manipulation, politically motivated activism in favour of a preordained strategic agenda. His position and title notwithstanding, Robert Serry is being largely disregarded the world over since his message does not fit in with the image that the racists and anti-Israel demagogues are determined to disseminate.
In the meantime, Islamism is advancing in leaps and bounds. At the same time as Carl Bildt uses the media to report what he does not see, Robert Serry is ignored by the media for what he does see and Gunilla Carlsson is given a media megaphone to voice what the Swedish public want to hear in this election year, Islamist terror organizations are growing in strength not just in the Middle East but elsewhere. Martin Bright reports that Britain is developing into a crucial hub for Hamas, the Gaza regime that is regarded as a terrorist organisation by the UN, the EU and the Quartet. His article makes frightening reading.
Back in Sweden it’s business as usual. Swedish extreme-left publication Flamman has an interview (in Swedish) with Anna Wester, public relations contact for the Palestinian Groups in Sweden (PGS), in which she says that should the extreme-left coalition of communists, social democrats and environmental crusaders win the national elections in Sweden this September, they will “recall Sweden’s military attaché from Israel and all weapons trade with Israel will be stopped”. This includes banning the use of unmanned Israeli-made drones to protect the lives of Swedish soldiers fighting Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. The Israeli drones have proven their superiority in protecting Swedish soldiers on dangerous missions deep in Afghanistan, but the red-green coalition, should it come into power, would prefer to see dead Swedish soldiers rather than Swedish soldiers owing their lives to Israeli technology. By way of reference, during the World War Two – during which Sweden remained neutral while selling high-grade iron ore to Nazi Germany – sedition against one’s own country’s armed forces was a treasonable offence. The coalition of Sweden’s extremist reds and greens must be reading a different rule-book.
Flamman also knows how to up the ante. In an article reminiscent of Sweden’s infamous Aftonbladet allegations (unfounded and later withdrawn) that Israel systematically murders Palestinian Arabs to harvest their organs, the newspaper insinuates in a recent Swedish-language article that there may have been mass rapes of women in Gaza (the insinuation being that the rapes were carried out by Israeli soldiers) for the simple reason that in conflicts in other parts of the world, such abominable acts have indeed taken place. Not even Hamas allege any such thing, but the left-wing Swedish paper has its own dirty war to fight against the Jewish state. Jews are guilty by virtue of someone else’s crime on a totally different continent. Sweden’s communists go from strength to strength.
Meantime the increasingly open red-green-brown anti-Semitism continues to stain Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmö. Some Swedish writers such as Per Gudmundson, Gulan Avci, Mathias Sundin and Dilsa Demirbag-Sten (articles in Swedish) have been very quick to train the spotlight on this disease.
The strange thing is that when it comes to anti-Semitic attacks on the Jewish state by Swedish politicians, many bloggers wrote already a year ago about communist party (nowadays rebranded Left Party) leader Lars Ohly sporting a keffiyeh in which the whole of Israel has been erased and replaced by an Islamist Palestine. Back then, the Swedish media ignored the episode and the evidence in the blogosphere. This year, however, is election year, so suddenly last year’s blog news has suddenly made it (article in Swedish) into the mainstream traditional media.
Better late than never, of course. But why so late?

One fine day it’s going to be way too late. The victims have already been marked – and not just in Sweden.
It’s a strange world – deafening silence on moral issues, but deafening cacophony on non-issues. In the category of cacophony we find the Middle East’s most underrated stand-up comedian, Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi, who is actively whipping up the Arab world into a jihadi frenzy against Switzerland.
You read right – Switzerland!
And while Libya is wowing the Arab masses against Europe, Iran is meticulously and methodically pursuing its plan for global jihad on a scale never before imagined. Read here what Reuters writes about Iran’s plans to force the world to its knees. Iran has its sights set not on the USA or Israel but the world, first stop Europe. Ignore the Reuters report at your peril.