Why Muslims Hate Jews

Nonie Darwish reveals frightening core issues in her latest analysis “Why Muslims Must Hate Jews”. Her analysis reveals a process and a psyche that the West routinely chooses to ignore owing to its obsession with Political Correctness. She writes: “In the eyes of Mohammed and Muslims, the mere existence of the Jewish people, let alone […]

Naked racism

Look at the video below. It was recorded in Luton, England. Imagine walking around in public and openly claiming that anyone with a different religion to yours deserved to – and would – be burned to death for this ‘affront’. Incitement to racial hatred? Incitement to commit murder? Threats in a public place? Contravention of […]

The Muslim View of Islamists

London has undergone a radical change over the past decade or so. From having been a lively multicultural city it has been transformed into a huge Islamist ghetto. Not my words – as a Jew I might be considered insufficiently objective. The words came just last week from two Pakistanis living in London for several […]

Humanity, rights and contempt for fellow human beings

Demands for “human rights” and against “Islamophobia” are being shouted ever louder and ever more hypocritically across broad swathes of today’s society. The Arab League rolls out the red carpet for a Muslim mass-murderer, Sudan’s strongman Omar al-Bashir. His genocide of black Africans is roundly ignored throughout the Arab and wider Muslim worlds. At the […]