Swedish state TV censorship working perfectly, thanks for asking

On Sunday night Palestinian-Arab terrorists fired six (6) rockets against civilian targets in southern Israel. The random selection of the targets was intended to spread terror: schools, homes, business, hospitals and streets. On Swedish state-run TV, SVT, this wanton act of terrorism merited not a single mention. Not one word. Not long ago,¬†however, the same […]

How Sweden became anti-Israel

1. Sociological backgroundBefore WW2, Sweden was one of the poorest, most backward countries in W. Europe. The moneyed elite told the population what to think and do.After WW2, things changed dramatically in terms of national welfare, but the moneyed elite were replaced by a series of dogmatic left-leaning Social Democratic governments. The concept of looking […]

Anti-Jewish sentiment spreads in Swedish schools

The following case-history highlights creeping anti-Jewish sentiment in Swedish society. On the 11th of September 2001, four civilian aircraft were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon headquarters in the USA. The shock of this event prompted many head teachers in Sweden to advise their staff to take time from scheduled school […]