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57 into 62 will go

Monday, April 19th, 2010

57 year old Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister and current “Middle East Peace Envoy”, is in Israel as the Jewish state celebrates its 62nd birthday.

No, it’s not out of choice. A volcano in remote Iceland has forced European air traffic to a standstill. Tony Blair, the Quartet’s “Peace Envoy”, was in Israel as the skies over Europe darkened and aviation came to a standstill, keeping him firmly in the Holy Land.

With a bit of luck, the “Peace Envoy” will use his extended stay in Israel to actually learn something about the real nature of the difficulties there – to whit, Arab intransigence, Palestinian Arab racism, Palestinian Arab terrorism, the Iranian regime’s existential threat to the Jewish state and the Iran-Syria-Hizbollah-Hamas axis that normal people the world over recognise as the real threat to the region and the world.

As Stephanie Gutmann so perceptively writes in the Telegraph, progress towards peace in the region would be immeasurably helped “if busybody leaders — the Barack Obamas, Joe Bidens, Javier Solanas, and Tony Blairs — of the world” stayed away from the region. She continues: “And the most helpful thing of all would be if the platoons and brigades of news media camped out in Jerusalem went back to London and Amsterdam and Mexico City and Beijing and New York.”

Right now, that’s impossible owing to the current ban on aviation.

So, is it too much to ask for those concerned to use their enforced stay in Israel to actually study the situation? To feel the pain shared by all Israelis over the mindless – and continuing – deaths caused by Arab intransigence? To appreciate how it is that a nation marks its fallen on one day, then celebrates its independence on the following day – with the sobering realization that it is those fallen who have made independence possible?

Perhaps that volcano in Iceland can bring some good. Even to the likes of the EU, the UN, the Quartet and – inconceivable though it may seem – the USA.

Here is the Israel that Tony Blair may want to learn about now that he is in the country and cannot help celebrating and understanding its achievements. The film is subtitled in Swedish because after Cuba and North Korea, Swedes are the most indoctrinated nation on earth as regards the views they are allowed to hold on Israel and the wider Middle East.


1948, 1956, 2010

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Nothing new.


In 1948, the Jewish state of Israel was reborn in its historic home.

This cartoon from 1956 describes the situation as it was back then. It can be summed up as follows: “The fight only started because she hit back at me.” It’s the sort of argument one ususally hears in the school playground – but then the protagonists are usually about 7 or 8 years old.

Exactly the same perception dominates today.


Israel's "aggression"

Monday April 19, 2010

Friday, April 16th, 2010

That’s when Israel turns 62.

You could spend a lot of quality time reading long and very worthy articles describing what Israel represents. How Israel was reborn in modern time on the land from which its people were expelled but which has always been the Jewish people’s spiritual, religious, ethnic and moral home. You can read about what the world’s sole Jewish nation has achieved over these past 62 years despite the constant – and continuing – attacks by hostile Arab neighbours and a largely intransigent Muslim world. You can read about the revival of anti-Semitism that is still so much a part of the make-up of politicians and clergymen in many parts of the world, and the Christian Church’s resurgent demands for a boycott of the Jewish state, particularly by the Church of Sweden – the shadow of the Inquisition looms ever darker.

Or, alternatively, you can spend two minutes and thirty-eight seconds (2.38) watching a film that says it all.

Neatly, concisely, objectively and elegantly.

Hat tip to blog Aletheia for this excellent short film, in this version subtitled in Swedish. Swedes perhaps more than any other people on this planet need to know the truth about Israel.

Here in Sweden, they won’t hear it from media suppliers or newspapers such as Aftonbladet or politicians such as Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. I know – I live in Sweden.