The truth emerges

Embarrassingly for Hamas, Turkey and their various overseas collaborators, the truth about the Islamist convoy against Israel is emerging, slowly but surely. Read this eyewitness account from on board the Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara, where well-trained Islamic terrorists went on the attack against the Israeli police action well before the Israelis even boarded the vessel. […]

A promising investment

The UN Human Rights Council is the best, the most promising, the most successful purchase the Arab regimes have made to date. An investment worth its weight in oil. The UN used its funds to commission a UNHRC report whose planning brief specified in advance that it was to find Israel guilty of war crimes […]

Humanity, rights and contempt for fellow human beings

Demands for “human rights” and against “Islamophobia” are being shouted ever louder and ever more hypocritically across broad swathes of today’s society. The Arab League rolls out the red carpet for a Muslim mass-murderer, Sudan’s strongman Omar al-Bashir. His genocide of black Africans is roundly ignored throughout the Arab and wider Muslim worlds. At the […]