Egypt's Dilemma

Until a week ago, the question in everyone’s mind bearing in mind Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions was “When will Israel attack Iran?” Well, Iran surprised everyone by instead attacking Israel, using Iranian rockets assembled in Gaza and fired by Hamas. Now the question is what is Israel’s most powerful neighbour, Egypt, likely to do? To […]

A troubling silence

Egypt’s long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak is now history. For 30 years the political leaders of the West – the EU, UN, USA – both encouraged and financed his heavy-handed regime. He was the tool that was used for doing the “dirty work” that the West wanted done, but that it did not want to be […]

Question: Where is radical Islam heading?

Answer: Straight for you. And for how long will the civilised world continue to persist in seeing no evil and hearing no evil and, above all, doing nothing to stem the onslaught? A couple of days ago a gigantic conspiracy was unravelled in Egypt, aimed directly at that state’s apparatus. The attack on Egypt was […]