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Hamas for Dummies

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Truth be told, the title of this piece should instead be “Hamas are Dummies”.

Here’s why.

All the intel indicates that the three Israeli Jewish schoolboys kidnapped on June 12 were abducted by Hamas.

Almost a week later, their whereabouts are still not known. Palestinian Arab society erupted into paroxysms of joypublic celebration and calls for more kidnappings. And who can blame them – for so many decades now their leaders have assiduously taught them to rely on crime, murder, theft, lies, indoctrination, racism and genocide as noble tools for achieving an even nobler goal: the extinction of Jews from the region.

The Palestinian Arabs even enlisted their own youngest schoolchildren in their propaganda, proudly showing young kids flashing three fingers in celebration of the “victory” of having kidnapped three Jewish schoolchildren. Read that again: Palestinian Arab society has so brainwashed its own children that they celebrate the kidnapping of other children. It speaks volumes of that society – and neatly addresses the non-issue of the chances for peace in the future. What peace with a society whose future leaders are today being taught (at UN, EU and US taxpayer-funded expense) that kidnapping children is a cause for celebration? The world is noting this with revulsion, and the backlash is already on the way.

Because when all is said and done, what has the “success” of the kidnapping given Hamas?

Yes, they are still holding three Jewish schoolchildren whose sole crime is that they are Jewish. But here are just some of the costs to Hamas and the other Palestinian Arab terrorist groups and indeed the general Palestinian Arab populace:

  1. Day after day, night after night, Israel is identifying, locating, rounding up and destroying illegal weapons caches. That’s hundreds of thousands of shekels worth of smuggled weapons crushed to dust. Weapons belonging not just to Hamas, but to all Palestinian Arab gangs. When the first round is over, the search will proceed deeper: water wells will be excavated in the hunt for concealed weapons, apartment building foundations will be dug up, warehouses will be torn apart. Oh, it will all be put back together, but the price to the general populace in the meantime will be uncountable. And it’s all down to Hamas.
  2. Soon the only place to safely store weapons will be in mosques, a common Palestinian Arab tactic, but as the Israeli surveillance drones continue their untiring unmanned missions, that is where the weapons will be forced to remain. Hidden and useless. Your planning is impeccable, Hamas.
  3. Night after night, more and more Hamas operatives, terrorists and leaders are being rounded up by the IDF. But these searches also disrupt the operations of the other terrorist gangs, those that had nothing to do with the kidnappings. Fatah is already gunning for Hamas because of the resultant loss of its freedom of movement and its resultant inability to continue its targeting of Israeli children. Jihad Islami and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade are also being severely curtailed in their ongoing activities. So they all have Hamas in their cross-hairs – anything to get the IDF off their backs and restore calm.
  4. With the kidnappings, Hamas has succeeded in doing something that not even Israel’s own politicians have achieved: they have welded together ALL of Israeli society in the face of this terrible predicament. Israeli society is 100 percent behind the country’s political and military leaders. Not even Benjamin Netanyahu managed to do that in all his years in power. Now the Prime Minister has the whole nation behind him. Thanks Hamas.
  5. Even the traditionally anti-Israel UN and EU, two organisations that are firmly antagonistic to the Jewish state, have come out in support of Israel over the kidnapping of the three schoolboys. Never could Israel have dreamed of getting both the UN and the EU firmly behind the Jewish state. Seriously, big thanks Hamas.
  6. Even overseas Jewish groups not always comfortable about supporting Israel have come out in full support of the Jewish state following the kidnapping. Hamas has succeeded in bringing together world Jewry where even the Jewish Agency failed – and the effect will last. Many thanks, Hamas.
  7. Almost the best bit of all: following the kidnappings, Norway has indefinitely postponed a long-scheduled international donors’ meeting for financial aid to the Palestinian Arabs. Following the “unity government” that brought together the two main Palestinian Arab terrorist groups, Fatah and Hamas, it now transpires that not only Hamas but also Fatah will suffer the financial consequences of cancelled aid. Seriously Hamas, you should candidate for a position in the Israeli Knesset because you are doing more for Israel in its ongoing battle against Palestinian Arab extremism – including curtailing international funding – than the Jewish state has ever managed on its own. Keep up the good work.
  8. Convicted Palestinian Arab terrorists already in Israeli jails are now having all their privileges withdrawn. Including Israeli taxpayer-funded university education – so Israeli taxpayers are overjoyed.
  9. Already freed Palestinian Arab mass-murderers, 1000 of whom were released in exchange for one (1) Israeli abductee Gilad Schalit a couple of years ago, are now being rearrested by Israel.  So Hamas are not exactly their flavour of the month there either…
  10. And finally, that perpetual thorn in Israel’s side, that fifth-columnist and traitor guilty of multiple treason against the country in which she serves as a Member of Knesset (parliament), Arab MK Hanin Zoabi, has at last overplayed her hand, joyfully proclaiming her support for the kidnapping of the citizens of her own country by agents of an enemy entity. Calls to expel her from the Knesset are now gathering broad support all across the Israeli political spectrum. When she went so far as to condemn Mohammed Zoabi, a teenage member of her own family, simply because he as an Israeli citizen expressed support for the three teenage Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, his lawmaker relative Ms Hanin Zoabi publicly abused and threatened him. Her extremist family took their cue from her – resulting in Israel Police arresting three members of her family for threatening the life of the teenage Mohammed. The whole of Israel is caught up in the drama of the three kidnapped Jewish Israeli schoolboys – and equally in their fervent support of Arab Israeli schoolboy Mohammed Zoabi whose crime was to express dismay at the kidnapping and empathy with the victims.

So all told, Hamas, you’ve done a great job: united all of Israel, ensured international backing for the Jewish state, cut off funding to your own people, seen masses of Palestinian Arab terrorists arrested and rearrested, and finally outed Hanin Zoabi, a treacherous fifth columnist within Israel. Tactically, strategically, short-term and long-term, you’ve done a brilliant job.

Really, Hamas, you’re giving us everything we ever wanted.

Now keep looking over your shoulders. Not for the Israeli army, who as you know will always treat you humanely.

But for your very own Palestinian Arab comrades-in-arms. You’ve cost them a whole lot.

Once again, thanks.

Signed: the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, who have come together as never before.

No price too high

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The Jewish state is experiencing mixed feelings today.

In Israel today there is elation at the return of Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped from Israel at age 19 and held in indescribably inhumane conditions for five years by Islamist terror organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

For five long years after his illegal abduction from inside Israel he was held without visits by the Red Cross, or Amnesty International, or EU representatives (Shalit holds dual Israeli and French (=EU) citizenship), or UN staffers. Meantime the Red Cross, Amnesty International, EU and UN have poured in billions of dollars into the Gaza Strip even as Shalit’s most fundamental human rights were being violated. These august bodies justified their extraordinary generosity by claiming that the human rights of the Gaza Arabs are inviolable.

Gilad Shalit’s human rights, however, were not even on their agenda.

Go figure.

In Israel today there is also pain, suffering, worry, rage even, over the release of 1027 convicted terrorists, murderers and mass-murderers in exchange for the life of Gilad Shalit. The decision to release these terrorists, some just in their teens, has sparked considerable controversy in the Jewish state. While everyone agrees that Shalit’s life is worth saving at any cost, many also feel that “any cost” automatically means that more Israelis will now be kidnapped by Islamist terrorists – and indeed Hamas openly admit that they will do just that. “Any cost” is felt to be a cost too high. Not for the release of Gilad Shalit, but for the precedent it will set for future terrorist activity.

A lot of nonsense is appearing in the press about the unacceptability of Israel incarcerating terrorist teenagers in jail. As though age is an automatic get-out-of-jail ticket in a pleasant game of Monopoly. If you use a bomb, a gun or a rock to kill innocent civilians in some misguided Jihadi-inspired determination to drive your own peculiar political and religious agenda, you are a terrorist. End of story. A bomb is a lethal weapon. So is a gun. So is a stone.

A “stone”? We’re not talking shiny pebbles to decorate the sandcastle you’re building with your toddlers at the seaside, we’re talking rocks and boulders. Lethal weapons when they hit the soft, unprotected tissue of a human body – or skull. Stones, rocks, boulders – call them what you will, they are being used to kill. By Arab teenagers who cannot afford their weapon of choice, a gun or a bomb. The age of the terrorist – whose actions are fuelled by religious bigotry and evilly racist anti-Semitic diatribe broadcast from mosque, radio, TV set and classroom – is utterly irrelevant. If you kill or deliberately intend to kill for political and/or religious gain, be prepared for your punishment, whether you are a teenage racist, middle-aged Jihadi or septuagenarian anti-Semite.

So enough of the excuses. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist – irrespective of age, gender, religion or nationality. Do the crime and pay the price.

Tuesday the 18th of October 2011 in Israel – a day of elation, sorrow, regret and concern for the future in equal measure.

But above all a day of joy for the safe return of Gilad Shalit. Abducted from Israel at age 19, returned home at age 25 after a terrible price was paid – in terms of his long years of suffering and the freed terrorists who will now be pumped back into the Jihadi system.

Thank you Red Cross, thank you Amnesty International, thank you UN and EU. Democrats, people of principle and law-abiding citizens the world over know what you represent: nothing, absolutely nothing.

Apart from the massive salaries you take home every month – financed by the taxes paid by democrats, people of principle and law-abiding citizens the world over.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Passover, the Exodus of reason and UN-financed Arab violence

Monday, April 18th, 2011

With more than 12,000 mortar shells as well as Kassam, Katyusha and Grad rockets fired by Gaza’s Hamas government at civilian targets in Israel over the past eight years, the constant bombardment is finally being brought to the attention of the world powers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the only US public figure to consistently use public funds to block legitimate scrutiny of his birth certificate, the current incumbent of the White House Barack Hussein Obama, recently published an op-ed in a number of newspapers.

In it they wrote “Our duty and our mandate under (the) UN Security Council Resolution is to protect civilians, and we are doing that.

The International Criminal Court is rightly investigating the crimes committed against civilians and the grievous violations of international law.”

Finally, some straight talk.

Human Rights Watch also expressed its concern about the firing of missiles – both Grad rockets and mortar shells – from within civilian areas into other civilian areas:

One strike, apparently by a Grad rocket, killed at least eight civilians … Another attack, apparently with a mortar round, hit a medical clinic, wounding four others.

At least 16 civilians have been killed in indiscriminate attacks,” according to Human Rights Watch, which bases its report on witness and survivor eyewitness accounts, as well as inspections of impact sites.

HRW continues: “Government forces have repeatedly fired mortars and Grad rockets into residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties,” according to Peter Bouckaert, the organisation’s emergencies director.

And he has more to say: “The Soviet-made Grad in particular is one of the world’s most inaccurate rocket systems and should never be fired in areas with civilians.”

In an unprecedented step, Human Rights Watch even interviewed four witnesses to the attacks and visited seven impact sites – a high-risk undertaking bearing in mind the constant barrage of missiles launched into civilian areas, reporting: “All of the witnesses said they had not seen or heard fighting in the neighborhood at the time of the attack … Human Rights Watch saw no discernible military targets when visiting the neighborhood.

No side … should use the indiscriminate Grad in or near areas where there are civilians,” reiterated Bouckaert.

With more than 12,000 missiles fired by the Hamas government regime into exclusively civilian areas, it is no wonder that international figures such as Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama and NGOs such as Human Rights Watch are taking such a strong stance on this human rights disgrace.

There is however a problem.

None of this relates to the fundamentalist Islamist Hamas regime in Gaza that has (a) consistently brutalised its own population, throwing political dissidents off roofs of tall buildings, burning churches and executing gays and (b) has fired more than 12,000 missiles into civilian communities in southern Israel over a period of eight (8) years.

It relates instead to the three (3) weeks that secular Libyan dictator Gaddafi has been fighting to retain hegemony over Libya.

At this time of Pesach (Passover) when Jews the world over are recalling the Exodus from Egypt and their escape from a regime that brutalised them almost to extinction, it is interesting to note that in 2011, the problems are still very much the same:

Brutal political despots, global politics and crass economic gain all interlocking to ignore the human element. What’s unacceptable when the targets are Arab civilians living in oil-rich Libya – prompting world powers to act diplomatically, economically and militarily – warrants nary a comment when exactly the same brutality targets Jewish civilians in Israel, which has no oil.

Of course, it may be nothing at all to do with oil. It may simply be that Israel is the world’s sole Jewish state, whereas Libya is one of 53 Muslim states. With another two Muslim states-in-waiting eager to join the UN: Fatahstan in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, and Hamasstan in the Gaza Strip.

It’s important to take people at their word. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama and the righteous folks at HRW mean it when they declare their undying support for Libyans suffering 3 weeks of rocket and mortar attacks – almost 100 such missiles by all accounts. And they mean it equally fervently when they have nothing to say about Israelis suffering eight years of attacks with identical rockets and mortars – 12,000 missiles thus far.

Here’s someone else to take at their word. Here’s what the Fatah and Hamas Palestinian Arabs – they’re the ones who want to create Muslim states numbers 54 and 55 in Judea/Samaria and Gaza respectively – have to say about their intended Judenrein ethnically cleansed states of Palestine 2 and Palestine 3 (Palestine 1 has been in existence since 1922, known first as Transjordan, then renamed Jordan in 1950. Seventy percent (70%) of Jordan’s population is Palestinian Arab). Their aim is to eradicate and replace the entire state of Israel. The translation comes courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Note that this is children’s TV. It is no wonder that children growing up on this diet feel not only encouraged but positively commanded to kill three-month old babies asleep in their cots for the crime of being Jewish.

In the meantime, while you were watching the short clip above, another rocket fired by the Hamas government in Gaza landed among civilians in Israel. The thunder with which it exploded in civilian Israeli territory was matched only by the thunderous silence of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Hussein Obama and Human Rights Watch.

For day by day, month by month, year by year documentation of all the human rights abuses of the Gaza Arabs via their mass indiscriminate bombing campaign against Israel’s Jews, read here. Now match this list with the list of protests by British, French and US governments over the years, and campaigns by HRW to draw attention to this documented human rights disgrace.

A word of caution: you’ll have to search hard to find evidence of these EU, US and HRW protests. Very hard indeed. Because they don’t exist.