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Abbas and his never-ending dance with the devil

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Fatah/PLO/PA non-elected head/Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas has – surprise, surprise – cancelled a meeting with Israeli Vice-Premier Shaul Mofaz in Ramallah. The aim of the meeting was to kick-start peace talks between the two sides in the seemingly never-ending pan-Arab hostilities against the Jewish state of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Abbas “bowed to public pressure” among the populace of the Palestinian territories. In plain English: the Palestinian Arabs don’t want peace, they don’t want to talk peace, they don’t even want a meeting that may result in the opening of peace negotiations.

The first question is just how the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera et all will present this Palestinian Arab refusal to meet the Israelis as a Zionist refusal to hold talks with this “peace-loving” nascent “Palestinian Arab” state.

The second question is: What exactly could these talks have produced?

  • Palestine I (aka Jordan, occupying 77 percent of the mandated Jewish homeland) is apparently not enough for the Palestinian Arabs.
  • Palestine II they already have in the Gaza Strip, from which all Jews have been ethnically cleansed – including dead Jews whose bodies had to be dug up and re-interred elsewhere in Israel for fear of desecration by followers of the Religion of Peace.
  • Palestine III is what Abbas says he wants in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, aka the West Bank (the name derived from Jordan’s illegal occupation of Judea and Samaria between 1948 and 1967, when all Jews were ethnically cleansed from their homes). But Abbas cannot risk holding talks on the formation of Palestine III there because that would de facto mean he relinquishes his claims on:
  • Palestine IV, which is the Jewish State of Israel. 22 percent of Israel’s population consists of Arabs, both Muslim and Christian. That’s great, it’s a sign of diversity, multi-ethnicity, religious tolerance and democracy. Palestine I and II already have no Jews, and Abbas openly and proudly asserts he will never allow Jews to live in Palestine III. And he still lays claim to the Land of Israel, where he wants to create Palestine IV.

Now bear in mind that Israel without Jordan is 23% of the Jewish homeland. OK, let’s accept that, after all Jordan exists, and 75 percent of its population is “Palestinian Arab” – that’s their own figures, not mine. Israel without Judea & Samaria and without Gaza equates to 50% of the remaining 23 percent, that is to say 11.5 percent of the mandated Jewish homeland of Israel. So let’s say we accept even that. Israel pulled out of Gaza and received 15,000 rockets and mortars on its civilian communities in response. The world remained silent. Until Israel responded with military action to silence the rockets and mortars. And yet the world insists Israel repeat the same mistake with Abbas in Palestine III – even though the Fatah leader flatly refuses to even meet with Jews for discussions.

See the elephant in the room: Abbas and his ilk don’t care about building Palestine I, or II, or III. All they want is the destruction of Israel so they can build Palestine IV in its place – and they don’t care how many civilian Palestinian Arab and Israeli Jewish lives it costs, or how many dollars and euros the world has to take from needy citizens to pump into his corrupt regime and thus maintain this macabre, never-ending dance with the devil.

Earthquake hits Turkish regime

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The earthquake in Turkey has not only brought death and injury to the long-suffering Turkish people.

Among the earthquake’s victims is also the Turkisk regime’s attitude towards the Jewish state of Israel. Because now the Turkish regime has been forced to back down, submitting a request for emergency assistance.

Which Israel is more than willing to provide.

As indeed it should with any neighbour. Israel has previously assisted Turkey in the aftermath of various natural catastrophes, and the Turkish regime was one of the very first to offer – and indeed provide – much-needed assistance when northern Israel was afflicted by major forest fires a year ago. Despite the fact that relations between the two one-time allies have long been below freezing point thanks to the Turkish regime’s active assistance to terrorist organisations such as the Islamistic anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Hamas and Hizbollah.

That’s how things can turn out when idiot politicians stop jockeying for the limelight and instead look after their own people’s best interests – as is the case now that Turkey’s ruler Erdogan has requested and accepted the help his people need.

If the Israeli government were anything like the Turkish regime, it should charter a large ship – the Mavi Marmara comes to mind for some reason – and load it with all the ”aid” that the IHH and other “aid organisations” sent to Gaza’s Hamas strongman Ismail Haniyeh. He famously refused to accept the cargo since the medicines were already out of date prior to their despatch and thus posed a health risk to the people of Gaza.

Thank goodness the Israelis are a sensible people and do not stoop to such posturing…

But perhaps the good people of Gaza may wish to repay the Turkish regime’s “generosity” and return the aid flotilla’s out-of-date-medicines and broken wheelchairs directly to Turkey’s Erdogan? Just think of the headline: “Aid flotilla from Gaza to Turkey”.

And it wouldn’t cost the Gazans a penny.

No price too high

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The Jewish state is experiencing mixed feelings today.

In Israel today there is elation at the return of Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped from Israel at age 19 and held in indescribably inhumane conditions for five years by Islamist terror organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

For five long years after his illegal abduction from inside Israel he was held without visits by the Red Cross, or Amnesty International, or EU representatives (Shalit holds dual Israeli and French (=EU) citizenship), or UN staffers. Meantime the Red Cross, Amnesty International, EU and UN have poured in billions of dollars into the Gaza Strip even as Shalit’s most fundamental human rights were being violated. These august bodies justified their extraordinary generosity by claiming that the human rights of the Gaza Arabs are inviolable.

Gilad Shalit’s human rights, however, were not even on their agenda.

Go figure.

In Israel today there is also pain, suffering, worry, rage even, over the release of 1027 convicted terrorists, murderers and mass-murderers in exchange for the life of Gilad Shalit. The decision to release these terrorists, some just in their teens, has sparked considerable controversy in the Jewish state. While everyone agrees that Shalit’s life is worth saving at any cost, many also feel that “any cost” automatically means that more Israelis will now be kidnapped by Islamist terrorists – and indeed Hamas openly admit that they will do just that. “Any cost” is felt to be a cost too high. Not for the release of Gilad Shalit, but for the precedent it will set for future terrorist activity.

A lot of nonsense is appearing in the press about the unacceptability of Israel incarcerating terrorist teenagers in jail. As though age is an automatic get-out-of-jail ticket in a pleasant game of Monopoly. If you use a bomb, a gun or a rock to kill innocent civilians in some misguided Jihadi-inspired determination to drive your own peculiar political and religious agenda, you are a terrorist. End of story. A bomb is a lethal weapon. So is a gun. So is a stone.

A “stone”? We’re not talking shiny pebbles to decorate the sandcastle you’re building with your toddlers at the seaside, we’re talking rocks and boulders. Lethal weapons when they hit the soft, unprotected tissue of a human body – or skull. Stones, rocks, boulders – call them what you will, they are being used to kill. By Arab teenagers who cannot afford their weapon of choice, a gun or a bomb. The age of the terrorist – whose actions are fuelled by religious bigotry and evilly racist anti-Semitic diatribe broadcast from mosque, radio, TV set and classroom – is utterly irrelevant. If you kill or deliberately intend to kill for political and/or religious gain, be prepared for your punishment, whether you are a teenage racist, middle-aged Jihadi or septuagenarian anti-Semite.

So enough of the excuses. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist – irrespective of age, gender, religion or nationality. Do the crime and pay the price.

Tuesday the 18th of October 2011 in Israel – a day of elation, sorrow, regret and concern for the future in equal measure.

But above all a day of joy for the safe return of Gilad Shalit. Abducted from Israel at age 19, returned home at age 25 after a terrible price was paid – in terms of his long years of suffering and the freed terrorists who will now be pumped back into the Jihadi system.

Thank you Red Cross, thank you Amnesty International, thank you UN and EU. Democrats, people of principle and law-abiding citizens the world over know what you represent: nothing, absolutely nothing.

Apart from the massive salaries you take home every month – financed by the taxes paid by democrats, people of principle and law-abiding citizens the world over.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?