Three film clips that say it all

The Palestinian Authority (PA for short) is regarded by much of the world as Israel’s partner for peace. In order to secure peace, Israel must do what the Palestinians want, otherwise there will be no peace. It’s not only the Palestinian Authority president, Holocaust-denier Mahmud Abbas or one of the Palestinians’ two prime ministers, terrorist […]

Hamas turns on its own people

Today Hamas executed two Palestinian Arabs by firing squad. The move was met by strong protests from Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organisations, which characterised the operation as illicit. The two men were charged with collaborating with Israel. Hamas has previously executed several Palestinian Arabs charged with collaborating with Fatah, a rival Palestinian Arab […]

The unholy trinity

2010 is election year in Sweden. In power today is an alliance consisting of the Conservatives, Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats. That is something that Sweden’s communists (recently rebranded the Left Party), the extreme-left Social Democrats and ultra-left Greens want to change. On February 17 three of these three parties’ leading lights – Urban […]

There IS justice in this world.

Well, at least there is in the UK. In Britain, Baroness Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker, hopped on the Swedish blood-libel bandwagon set in motion by Donald Boström (read also here, here, here, here and here). Of course, they were far from alone. Al Jazeera, Iran, Syria, Egypt and countless others in the Arab and Islamic […]

Rocket diplomacy with UN backing

Palestinians firing daily rocket barrages into Israel must be practising some kind of parallel diplomacy that they’ve managed to keep secret from the civilized world. How else to explain Hamas and Fatah outrage at Israel’s decision to consider – merely consider – axing power supplies to Gaza factories making rockets that rain death on Israeli […]

Revolutionary movements that can't seem to pass a motion

Our partners for peace the Fatah Palestinians under the secular Holocaust denier President Mahmud Abbas are having trouble with their partners in government, the Palestinians under the religious Sunni Hamas, who propose the right of return of Palestinian Arabs to lands they never lived in, from Arab lands that have consistently denied them citizenship and […]