Impartial, transparent international investigation into Turkey’s guilt

An impartial, transparent international investigation is needed into Turkey’s guilt over the deaths of nine people and the injuries suffered by scores of others last week. The Turkish regime planned, organised and financed the international aggression against UN member state Israel. Its aggression was aimed at breaking the blockade against the supply of rockets and other […]

Reality check for the EU

One wonders whether the EU’s paid officials (paid out of our tax revenues) really believe the nonsense they disseminate. If they don’t and all they are engaged in is cynical, money-grubbing play-acting at public expense, all well and good – at least they know what they are and whose errands they are running. What is […]

EU and UN subsidising Hamas kidnapping of Israelis

The EU and UN are subsidising the Hamas penchant for kidnapping Israeli citizens. The Palestinian government holds an abducted Israeli citizen, Gilad Shalit. The Israeli government holds Palestinian customs revenues. The Palestinian government has no intentions of releasing Shalit, kidnapped from inside sovereign Israel. But the Israeli government is apparently willing to release the withheld […]

Sweden fishing in murky Hamas waters

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wades through some very murky waters indeed. Before the weekend he breaks EU policy, meets with Hamas government ministers and declares “we believe the Palestinian government should be treated as a single entity”. Immediately after the weekend he somehow manages to forget everything Hamas stands for on his visit to […]

Rewarding the aggressors

Sweden recently organised an international donors’ conference for the victims of Hizbollah’s war in southern Lebanon. However, the fund-raiser benefited only the Lebanese victims and excluded victims from the Jewish state.It is interesting to put Sweden’s initiative into a wider perspective. Hizbollah’s war was launched from sovereign Lebanese territory. Eight soldiers were killed on Israeli […]