15-year-old Swedish girl dying in Gaza

15-year-old Swede Miriam Nowajha will soon slip into a coma. Miriam, who together with her four siblings aged 6-16 was kidnapped and has been incarcerated in Gaza since June, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is about to die. Miriam has no more facilities for testing her blood-sugar level. Without knowing her blood-sugar level, she […]

Swedish children for sale in Gaza

The welfare – perhaps even the lives – of 5 Swedish children is being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Swedish mother Elizabeth Krantz’s five children were kidnapped from Sweden back in June 2004 by her estranged Palestinian husband Ismail Nowajah. The children – Adam, Amina, Zakarias, Miriam and Sara – range in age […]

One law for Israelis and Jews, another for Palestinians and Muslims

Swedish Foreign Minister Ms Laila Freivalds will soon be making a personal visit to Ramallah. There she will enlist Yasser Arafat’s help in bringing to an end the anguish of a Swedish mother, Elisabeth Krantz, whose five children have been kidnapped by their Palestinian father and held hostage in Gaza. Ms Freivalds is to be […]