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Lies, treason and media collusion

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Here are the lies that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, dime-store author Henning Mankell, musician Dror Feiler (whose music has been condemned by health & safety officials as a health hazard), Islamist Mattias Gardell and other Swedes don’t want to recognise.

Dror Feiler recently participated in a convoy of “aid” to Hamas that included medicines that were out of date and therefore condemned by health & safety officials as a health hazard.

The man seems to have an unnatural affinity for health and safety hazards.

Dror Feiler, who renounced his Israeli citizenship and took up Swedish citizenship, the better to aid global Islamism and terrorism, should be getting the picture any time soon.

And that’s what this posting is about: pictures.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt flew to Istanbul to personally greet and have his picture taken with the Swedes who aided and abetted the islamist terrorists and mercenaries on board the Turkish ship, the Mava Marmara. By way of background it needs to be added that Sweden goes to national elections in September this year…

All were in touching agreement that there were no weapons at all on board. Dror Feiler claimed there wasn’t even a nail-file on board. Of course, he was partly right – there were no nail-files but there were guns, stun-grenades, Molotov cocktails, daggers, swords, axes, chains, clubs, steel bars, slingshots firing steel and glass balls and more besides. But not a single nail-file.

Islamist Mattias Gardell admits that he saw nothing but “was assured” by his friends that there were no weapons on board and he knows he can trust his Muslim sources. Implying perhaps that one cannot trust Jewish sources. It’s a stance that has familiar overtones. Henning Mankell said that the most dangerous thing on board was his disposable razor. He had to quickly acquire one from the local corner shop to show to the eagerly waiting cameras.

Really, no weapons? And the media saw none either?

Here is the evidence of how the propagandists and terrorist supporters were aided by some of the major media to hide and distort the truth. Reuters published the following photograph, showing an Israeli soldier on the floor surrounded by a number of “peaceful” men. Perhaps the soldier just slipped on a carelessly discarded banana peel, and the kind men were merely assisting him to his feet. After all, these were adherents of the “religion of peace” that Hussein Obama, the latest incarnation of the Mahdi (the returning imam) speaks about with such fervour.

However, the independent Turkish media outlet Hurriyet – Turkish, please note – published the exact same photograph but without doctoring the evidence that showed why the soldier was on the floor: Reuters had cropped those parts of the photo that showed one of the knives used to repeatedly stab the man and that showed the blood from his gushing wounds.

Normal observers would find it relevant for a photo showing a soldier on the floor, to also show one of the many knives used to fell him. But then we are talking about Reuters.

Naturally this is far from the first time this and other media channels sympathetic to Islamism and terrorism as political tools and resentful of Jews and the Jewish state have deliberately manipulated pictures and lied in their pan-Arabist fervour. Read here, here, here and here. And virtually anywhere else – the sources are plentiful. If you are reading this blog in Turkey, however, those sources may unfortunately already be denied you by your regime – the Turkish Telecommunication and Communication Ministry, TIB, has already blocked access to Google following its previous blocking of access to YouTube.

You can read more about the media’s systematic manipulation in the excellent blog LittleGreenFootballs.

The blog also contains other photographic evidence that Reuters chose to lie about but which Hurriyet published.

Ask the Swedish Foreign Minister when he intends raising the subject of Turkey’s aggression in the Swedish parliament. Ask him also when he is tabling a motion in the EU and subsequently in the UN to condemn the Islamist regime for jeopardizing the lives of Swedish citizens on board its ships and for financing aid to Hamas, a group that the EU and the UN both categorise as a terrorist organisation. Bildt can be contacted on email to Carl Bildt, via the senior registry clerk.

At the same time, ask what his country’s official stance is on the Swedish dockworker union’s boycott of cargo to and from Israel and whether a similar boycott is in place for North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, China and Russia. After all, you wish to be assured that Sweden has an even-handed approach and does not only single out Jews and the Jewish nation. The fact is that the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, who comes from the same political party as Carl Bildt, still insists on saying that the ships constituted an “unarmed” aid convoy (link in Swedish).

Selective blindness in all its political glory.

The Swedish boycott

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Swedish dockworkers are set to boycott cargo to and from Israel to mark their support for terrorist organisation Hamas’s right to import rockets for use against Israel.

Thus far Hamas has fired more than 10,000 rockets at civilian communities in Israel. The radical left-wing Swedish Port Workers Union feels this is insufficient and is now instituting a boycott of all shipping to and from Israel in order to voice the union’s displeasure over the constraints on Hamas’s missile-firing capacity.

Like many countries around the world, Sweden is only just emerging very shakily from a global recession. The past two years of economic decline have seen thousands of jobs lost in key export industries bearing such household names as Volvo, Saab, IKEA, H&M and Electrolux.

The left-wing Swedish Port Workers Union, most of whose radicalised members kept their jobs while others around them lost theirs, are now attempting to return Sweden’s key export industries to the darkest ages of the recent catastrophic economic decline, without a single thought for the jobs and livelihoods of their fellow-workers.

That is nothing remarkable. It’s the way communist and other enthusiastically anti-democratic institutions have always functioned. Their solidarity is with a radical ideology aimed at maiming Jews via rockets and harming Swedes via loss of export earnings. Their solidarity is not with people of flesh and blood struggling to make a living and keep their homes in Sweden and their lives in Israel and Gaza. Where others would pour water on a fire, they pour oil.

Volvo, Saab, IKEA, H&M, Electrolux and others may want to have a word with the ranting ideologues on the Swedish waterfront. Ultimately it’s a question of maturity. Communists like Swedish author Henning Mankell and Swedish musician Dror Feiler need to grow up. Mankell says he is considering banning the translation of his books into Hebrew provided the move does not hurt his royalties, while Feiler’s music was found to be so discordant that the Health & Safety Inspectorate stepped in and banned a German orchestra from playing it on the grounds the the musicians’ health was suffering as a result of the racket.

Here’s what blog “Nothing to do with Arbroath” writes about the adverse effects of Dror Feiler:

New work too loud for orchestra

A German orchestra has dropped a composition from its programme after its members claimed the music was so loud that it gave them ear problems and headaches.

The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (BR) said it had little choice but to drop the world premiere of Swedish-Israeli composer Dror Feiler’s Halat Hisar (State of Siege), from a concert because it was “adverse to the health” of its musicians.

Members of the 100-strong orchestra said they could only contemplate playing the piece wearing headphones, after several suffered buzzing in the ears for hours after rehearsals. The 20-minute composition starts with the rattle of machine-gun fire and gets louder.

I had to protect the orchestra,” its manager, Trygve Nordwall, said. “I can’t just say we’ll play it anyway, for it to then cause health problems. The piece starts with machine-gun shots … and that’s the quietest part of it.”

Hamas sure know how to pick their friends.

Of course, cargo between Sweden and Israel is not only about Swedish exports to Israel, it is equally about Swedish imports from the Jewish state. It will be interesting to see how the Swedish Port Workers Union explains to Swedish hospitals that they will not be getting their deliveries of Israeli dialysis machines, how they inform Sweden’s mobile phone users that every single mobile phone in this vast country is going to go off the air because of their decision to boycott the Israeli suppliers of both the hardware and the software, and of course we’re all really keen to see which businesses in Sweden’s immensely wired-up commercial and industrial economy will survive the Swedish Port Workers Union’s decision to prevent all PC and mainframe operation because both the hardware and the software was developed in Israel. Of course, all this may be irrelevant in any case following the decision to ban the shipment of Israeli anti-virus programs to Sweden, so this nation may face a media blackout sooner than expected.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, because this would have the bonus of taking pro-terrorism propagandists off the air. Always something.

Like all democrats and concerned citizens in Sweden, for my part I’m most concerned about all those people at Volvo, Saab, IKEA and H&M who are once again going to lose their jobs because 1500 communists manning Sweden’s ports have decided that Hamas needs more rockets to fire at Israeli kindergartens, schools, old-age homes, supermarkets and hairdressers salons.

What is really worrying is those Swedish jobs that this boycott will cost. And that’s before we even begin to talk about the sinister echoes of today’s call to boycott the Jewish state, bringing to mind Hitler’s identical pronouncement back in 1939 and the events that pronouncement sparked.

An inability to learn from history condemns one to repeating past mistakes.

Israel bars entry to anti-Israel campaigners

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

So finally Israel has decided to inject itself with some much-needed self-respect.

She has barred three Swedish anti-Israel provocateurs from entering the country to spread their poison.

Swedish anti-Israel provocateurs receive Swedish state funding through a variety of means and are thoroughly trained in the art of political and social subversion. For further evidence, read here, here and here.

A few years ago, a similar group from the UK provided cover for two British Muslims to enter Israel and carry out suicide bombing missions. One succeeded, slaughtering a number of civilians at the Mike’s Place bar in Tel Aviv, the other was found washed up off the coast a short while later.

The Swedish saboteurs in this latest infiltration were headed by Tigran Feiler. He is a Swede whose Israeli father Dror Feiler has campaigned all his adult life against the Jewish state, including singling out Israel and only Israel for boycott. Read here about Dror Feiler, his family and his background.

It should also be noted that Dror Feiler, who regards himself as an artist and musician (connoisseurs disagree on both counts) was noted for honouring the female Palestinian suicide bomber Ms Hanadi Jaradat who in 2003 blew herself up in Maxim’s Restaurant in Haifa, Israel, killing 22 civilians in her bid to become what the Palestinians term a “martyr”.

In Palestinian folklore, a male suicide bomber who is thus “martyred” goes straight to heaven and when he gets there is granted the unlimited sexual services of 72 virgins. This is apparently a highly regarded mission in Palestinian society.

However, Palestinian folklore does not give a name to the likes of Ms Jaradat, who presumably received the sexual services of 72 able-bodied young men upon entering heaven. In the West, a young woman who sleeps with 72 men would be called a slut. If she did it for money, she’d be termed a prostitute. If she is a Palestinian suicide bomber of the sort the Feiler family prize, she passes into folklore.

Enough said.

If the Israeli Passport Police care to get in touch, I’d be happy to furnish them with an additional list of people they may wish to bar from entering the country – all in the name of furthering peace and preventing the necessity of acquiring ever new batches of 72 virgins for every aspiring “martyr”. Surely the Palestinians are beginning to run out of virgins?

On the subject of terrorism by Arabs against Jews, it should be noted that in a significant rise from February figures, there were more than 40 terrorist attacks against Israel in March alone, coinciding with Hussein Obama’s heightened verbal and diplomatic attacks on the Jewish state.

Food for thought at the Passport Control office at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.