Whither Egypt?

The one firm truth about the Middle East is that the truth changes with alarming speed and regularity. It all usually depends on which despot, regime, fanatic or extremist is in the ascendancy at any given moment, and which racist, mass-murderer, dictator or relgious theocracy has been deoposed or alternatively murdered its way to the […]

A Strategic Environment in the Making

Writing for Stratfor, a provider of global geopolitical analysis, George Friedman penned a wide-ranging, nuanced and admirably detailed study of the current situation in Israel and the wider Middle East. His article is entitled “Israel’s New Strategic Environment”. His analysis is interesting, but flawed or at best incomplete in certain respects. One factor George Friedman […]

Naked racism

Look at the video below. It was recorded in Luton, England. Imagine walking around in public and openly claiming that anyone with a different religion to yours deserved to – and would – be burned to death for this ‘affront’. Incitement to racial hatred? Incitement to commit murder? Threats in a public place? Contravention of […]

Fjordman interviewed in Germany's Junge Freiheit

The perspective from both sides of the Islamist tsunami Read Norwegian blogger Fjordman’s article, published in German in Junge Freiheit and in English in the excellent Tundra Tabloids. The article should be compulsory reading for all European foreign ministers and all media and journalism students throughout Europe. Thanks to Fjordman and to Tundra Tabloids for their permission to […]

Passover, the Exodus of reason and UN-financed Arab violence

With more than 12,000 mortar shells as well as Kassam, Katyusha and Grad rockets fired by Gaza’s Hamas government at civilian targets in Israel over the past eight years, the constant bombardment is finally being brought to the attention of the world powers. British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the only […]

When silence drowns out the cacophony

A priest far in the Christian religious periphery, with a mere 50 followers grouped in one single country – the USA – announced his intention to set fire to a couple of copies of the Koran. But he didn’t actually do it. At the same time – or to be more accurate long, long before […]

Can the West live together with Islamism?

What is Islam? What is Islamism? Is there a finite distinction between religion and politics in the Islamic world? Is the West too naïve for its own good? The demographic situation in Europe and North America is changing as a result of both increased immigration from Islamic countries and the higher birth-rates of these immigrant […]

The silence of the lambs

As they are led to the Islamist slaughterhouse. January 2010: 2166 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror attacks. Silence. February: 1556 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror attacks. Silence. March: 2536 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror attacks. Silence. April: 1768 civilians (mostly Muslims) murdered by Islamists in terror […]

Palestine Betrayed

Middle East analyst Daniel Pipes recently reviewed a book entitled “Palestine Betrayed” by Efraim Karsh. Read the review – and buy the book. It is the most thorough, the most objective, explanation of how the current Palestinian situation arose and how it is being manipulated. It explains, lucidly, dispassionately and backed by impressive research, how […]

Nazi propaganda for the Arab world

Daniel Pipes has reviewed a book entitled “Nazi Propaganda för the Arab World” written by Jeffrey Herf. The book was published in 2009 byYale University Press. The book offers interesting historical insight into Nazism’s influence on the development of modern pan-Arabism and it explains how Nazi ideology informs the Arab world’s political descisions to this […]