Swedish FM Carl Bildt talks about "immaturity"!

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has made a career out of protecting Islamists, using Swedish taxpayer funds to jet off to photo-ops with terror supporters, and shielding Islamists from the fallout of their own actions. Most recently Carl Bildt was the only EU foreign minister to block heightened economic sanctions against Iran, whose regime openly […]

A view from Sweden: Sullying Raoul Wallenberg’s reputation

(A version of the following article was published as an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post on June 29, 2012) Raoul Wallenberg’s grandnephew Michael Wernstedt’s stance on Israeli policy in the West Bank is troubling. Sweden’s Raoul Wallenberg was the epitome of selflessness, bravery and principle. He refused to be silent in the face of evil, […]

UN silence versus UN action

China invaded Tibet and has systematically ethnically cleansed up to one million Tibetan civilians – men, women and children – from their homes, forcibly transferring them to China and replacing them with ethnic Chinese. But Tibet has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Tibetan civilians’ human […]

Islamist suicide bombing in Stockholm, Sweden

Back in 1979, Swedish super-group ABBA took the world by storm with a smash hit entitled “I Have a Dream”. In 1983, with many hits in the interim and many more yet to come, ABBA gave out “Under Attack”. Prophetic or what? Today, the Swedish dream is at an end, with this peaceful Scandinavian nation […]

That selective silence – again

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is not so much a political enigma, more a walking human rights tragedy and as such, a downright insult to democrats everywhere. On the subject of Sudan’s despot Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who is wanted by Interpol to face charges of genocide, Carl Bildt is strangely apathetic. In fact, he is […]

When does interest become obsession?

When does reporting the news slip seamlessly into manufacturing the news? And when does a constant barrage of negative publicity on the world’s sole Jewish nation – accompanied by the total exclusion of reporting on major news in surrounding Muslim nations – achieve official recognition as a political campaign? A state-funded political campaign, at that. […]

Raising the crazy flag

There’s a leadership crisis in the world.   Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is showing increasing signs of mental instability. Now he is challenging the status of the Vatican and the legitimacy of the Pope.   The next Libyan leader, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is trying to surpass his father’s record in the crazy league. Gaddafi senior, Libya’s dictator […]

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt regrets sanctions against Iran

Here’s what Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt writes on his blog: (the link isto his article in Swedish, English translation given below) New sanctions against Iran STOCKHOLM: When the UN Security Council voted on new sanctions against Iran, both Turkey and Brazil voted against the decision, although this did not prevent the resolution from being adopted […]

Lies, treason and media collusion

Here are the lies that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, dime-store author Henning Mankell, musician Dror Feiler (whose music has been condemned by health & safety officials as a health hazard), Islamist Mattias Gardell and other Swedes don’t want to recognise. Dror Feiler recently participated in a convoy of “aid” to Hamas that included medicines […]

“Peace activists” try to bring down helicopter

First they tried to bring down a helicopter, then they attacked Israeli officers executing a legitimate police action. The “peace activists” did so using knives, metal rods, wooden bats, catapults with heavy glass marbles as ammunition, and finally guns. The “peaceful aid workers” on board the Turkish vessel the Mavi Marmara had stores of weapons ready […]