Gaza Aid Needed

Gaza aid is desperately needed. That is, aid to the Arab and Muslim worlds from Gaza, one of the territories/nations with the lowest infant mortality rates and one of the highest life expectancy rates in the Arab and Muslim sphere. And it needs to be sent to those many Arab and Muslim regimes where there is […]

Nazi ideology is alive and well – in Gaza, Egypt and Scandinavia

The entire world is in touching agreement that Nazism and neo-Nazism are disgusting expressions of racism and violence. There are no governments, no national institutions, no religious leaders, who would allow Nazi ideology to flourish unchecked. With one exception. That’s in the Islamist world. That is to say, societies in which fanatical Muslims with their […]

Perpetuation of Palestinian Intransigence

For anyone who has not yet read it, now is the time to spend a few minutes reading an excellent piece by Ben-Dror Yemini, senior columnist at Israel’s Maariv daily. He writes in an article entitled “Nakba Day and the Fraud” how the Palestinian Arabs (“the who?”, you may well ask) have perpetuated one of […]

A promising investment

The UN Human Rights Council is the best, the most promising, the most successful purchase the Arab regimes have made to date. An investment worth its weight in oil. The UN used its funds to commission a UNHRC report whose planning brief specified in advance that it was to find Israel guilty of war crimes […]