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Obsession is the new sanity

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Let’s see now:

The mad-dog regime of North Korea detonates an underground nuclear device in direct contravention of global opinion – while extorting food aid from the nations of the world. Yawn from the UN and EU.

The brutal regime of Assad has breached the 100,000 mark in the number of Syrian citizens murdered by the Syrian government, and a million Syrians are now refugees. Yawn from the UN and EU.

The murderous regime of the Iranian ayatollahs routinely hangs pickpockets, thieves, gays and political opponents from construction cranes in Tehran city centre. Yawn from the UN and EU.

The racist government of Lebanon continues to deny Palestinian Arabs citizenship or even the right to own property or engage in certain professions (now why do these draconian measures sound so very familiar from, let’s say Nazi-era Germany?). Yawn from the UN and EU.

The Moslem Brotherhood regime of Egypt drowns (yes, drowns) Gaza Arabs in underground tunnels. Yawn from the UN and EU.

But Moshe from Jerusalem wants to extend his kitchen and put fresh wallpaper on his bedroom walls, and the entire world erupts into a frenzy of UN Security Council condemnations, EU boycott calls, Islamist denunciations of “colonialism” and Hamas accusations that the Zionist Imperialist Colonialist power is forcing the people of Gaza to buy high-quality goods at reasonable prices when there is always the option of buying poor-quality tat smuggled in at exorbitant prices from Egypt via Hamas tunnels.

We truly live in a deranged world.

Lies, damned lies

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

It’s a simple question really: is objectivity even remotely possible when reporting on the Middle East? Or is it simply that only pathological liars, idiots, racists and jihad supporters are involuntarily drawn to practise their peculiar brand of “journalism” in the Middle East?

Richard Goldstone is not the only liar in the business when it comes to maligning the Jewish state of Israel.

He is in excellent company with a whole host of other publicly funded individuals and institutions.

Not least among these is Britain’s publicly funded (that’s tax revenue to you and me) BBC – the British taxpayer-funded TV station often gratefully referred to in Ramallah as the Voice of Palestine.

Watch the following CAMERA report on blatant BBC lies and official BBC cover-ups in its libellous “reporting” on the Jewish state.

Lies, cover-ups – and sheer idiocy. Read what Mark Steyn has to say on the mess that is the UN’s, EU’s, US’s and NATO’s interference with the Gaddafi regime in Libya on “humanitarian” grounds – at the same time as these very same bodies steadfastly refuse to act against the Hizbollah regime in Lebanon, the Assad regime in Syria, the PA and Hamas regimes in Judea/Samaria and Gaza respectively and the Ahmadinejad regime in Iran on precisely the same “humanitarian” grounds. And that’s before we even get to Turkey, which has brutally and illegally occupied half of Cyprus for several decades – accompanied by deafening UN, EU, US and NATO silence.

And before you can ask, yes folks, it’s public funding that is financing this meddling overseas military operation in Libya while turning a blind eye to far worse humanitarian transgressions a mere stone’s throw away.

Still paying your BBC licensing fee?

Tenors for Terror

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Ahmedido Domingo, Erdogano Pavarotti and Assad Carreras in beautiful harmony.

Enjoy courtesy of Latma TV.

And after the fun, here’s the REALLY worrying part:

Read Bret Stephens who in Commentary Magazine writes about how Iran does not seem stoppable. Islamism – soon in a suburb near you.

Read Greg Sheridan in The Australian who writes about how the world community is cowed and bowing down in the face of Iran’s wave of Islamic fervour.

Steven Edwards writes in the National Post that the Islamic nations are pushing the UN to classify all criticism of any events in the Islamic world as “Islamophobic” – at the same time as the worst expressions of anti-Semitism and even anti-black sentiment come from the Islamic world.

Mara E. Karlin writes incisively in about the Lebanon’s Scud missile confrontation – that is to say Iran’s advance position on the Mediterannean coast. The Lebanon is already secured as an Iranian vassal state, now Ahmadinejad has his sights set on Gaza.

José Maria Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain, writes in The Times about Iran’s constantly forward-moving front line and how important it is for the civilised world community to support Israe. If Israel disappears, so too will Western civilisation.

Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York, wonders whether the civilised world really will come to Israel’s defence in the ongoing Islamist war of attrition.

Australian senator Scott Ryan said in the Australian Senate that Israel is being subjected to a concerted bombardment on its legitimacy and very existence by Islamist hegemony and Islamism’s naive collaborators in the Western world.

Denis MacEoin highlights what the Islamist-friendly newspaper The Guardian refuses to publish – the truth .

Bearing in mind all the concentrated nonsense being written about how much the people of Gaza are “suffering” following their free election of Hamas on exactly the ticket that they always said and still say they are running – the destruction of the Jewish state – read here the long list of goods that Israel transported to its enemies in one single week – last week. It totals many times more than the “aid” that the Islamist Turkish regime transported on six vessels at the same time, and that Hamas refused to allow in because most of it was substandard – out of date medicines, broken wheelchairs and the like.

Watch this video to see just how much the people of Gaza are suffering.

Five-star suffering, Gaza style. You’ve got to feel sorry for them, no wonder the USA under Barack Hussein Obama continues to value the needs of Palestinian Muslims under Hamas 200 higher than the needs of neighbouring Haitians, parts of whose country was smashed into oblivion by a devastating earthquake a few months ago.