Does Barack Obama Even Remember What He Says?

What’s that saying about ‘the pot calling the kettle black’? White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest characterized Netanyahu’s suggestion that Arabs were voting ‘in droves’ against him as a “cynical Election Day tactic” and questions Netanyahu’s commitment to peace. In other words, Barack Obama doesn’t approve of cynical election day tactics. Really? Let me see […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes Are Embarrassingly Transparent

Apparently Barack Obama is the President, Prime Minister and National Saviour of the Jewish state of Israel. He is also the Global Conscience of the entire world. In his own mind, at least. Yesterday, March 18th 2015, it became clear that: “The administration of President Barack Obama will not accept Netanyahu’s policy reversal since his […]

The invisible, non-existent threat that nobody will talk about

Sunni Muslim terrorists are battling Shia Muslim terrorists in Lebanon. Sunni Muslim ISIL terrorists are attacking Shia Muslim terrorists in Syria. Sunni Muslim ISIS terrorists are fighting Shia Muslim civilians in Iraq. Sunni Muslim ISIS terrorists are threatening Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Al Shabab Muslim terrorists have just attacked civilian Christian Kenyans. Boko Haram Muslim terrorists […]

The diplomacy of bullies and double-standards

The diplomacy of bullies and double-standards Private conversation overheard over an open mike: President 1: “I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.” President 2: “You’re sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day.” All spoken privately but accidentally broadcast over an open mike. President 1 was Nicolas Sarkozy, the head of […]

Review: Demonizing Israel and the Jews

“Demonizing Israel and the Jews” is a new book published in 2013 by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld. No commentary on the Middle East, Israel, Zionism or Jews is ever really up-to-date. For the simple reason that events in the Middle East have a tendency to take place at such a fast pace that yesterday’s clinical analysis […]

Obama set to visit Israel – now's the time to REALLY worry

Barack Hussein Obama, regarded by many (perhaps unfairly, perhaps justifiably) as the US president with the most hostile attitude to Israel in American history, is soon going to visit Israel. It will be his first visit to Israel as president, despite his campaign  promises prior to his first term as president. He has thus far […]

Double standards

TIP (The Israel Project) has put together the following brief, admirably objective and startlingly stark analysis of terrorism’s perpetrators. When Israel deals with arch-terrorists who have a documented track record of mass-murder, there is loud indignation from politicians and organisations around the world. But when other nations deal with equally vicious terrorists guilty of equally […]

The shocking hypocrisy of the West

“The French and British plan to ask the UN for … financial sanctions against Libya, and intend to take Libyan leaders to the International Criminal Court over crimes against humanity.” Jerusalem Post 25th February 2011). The French and British, and the US president and others, express outrage over the fact that the rulers and government […]

A troubling silence

Egypt’s long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak is now history. For 30 years the political leaders of the West – the EU, UN, USA – both encouraged and financed his heavy-handed regime. He was the tool that was used for doing the “dirty work” that the West wanted done, but that it did not want to be […]