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Racism in Sweden. Today. Every day.

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Today is Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day on which we particularly remember the Jewish victims of racism in Nazi Germany.

Fast-forward to Sweden of today, 2017. And make no mistake – the Jewish victims of racism can be found to this very day. Yes, in Sweden. But they are not the victims of Nazism. They are the victims of Islamism.

I should know. I am one of them.

I’ve been out of the public spotlight for three long months, living, or should I say barely existing, in a kind of prison whose barriers consisted of my own walls and doors.

Yet not quite. Because those barriers were built by Swedish Islamists – racists who denied me some of the most elementary rights we take for granted in a free and democratic state like Sweden is nominally perceived as being – rights such as my job, my health, my freedom.

All because I was selected by racist Swedish Islamists for character assassination.

Bearing in mind the ethnicity and dogmatic interpretation of the perpetrators’ religion, it’s anyone’s guess how the situation may end.

Some time back I returned part-time to my roots as a teacher, working 3 days a week as a substitute at various preschools as and where needed. It’s a vibrant, rewarding and wonderful – and sometimes exhausting! – job.

One day after working at a preschool in a predominantly immigrant (read Muslim) area, I was summarily suspended, accused of having molested a 5-year old girl the previous day.

This naturally came as a surprise to me, not least since I had been working exclusively with 2-year old children.

However, Sweden being a politically correct society not known for letting facts get in the way of Islamist demands, and since my accusers (the girl’s parents) come from a Muslim country notorious for its particularly patriarchal society and exceptionally strict adherence to Sharia law, the authorities had to be seen to be taking the allegation seriously.

It all appears to be about something so primitive as the desire to ban male staff from the preschool attended by children of Islamists. The parents solved their problem by accusing me of molesting a child about whose very existence I was totally unaware. The facts didn’t matter – the scam worked since I was immediately barred from teaching pending an investigation.

To the day 12 weeks – 3 months – later, I was finally officially notified that the police investigation had ended and I was in the clear – the investigation “has not been able to find any suggestion whatsoever that any crime has been committed”. But here comes the interesting bit: after filing the complaint against me, my accusers have “been unavailable” to assist the police in their enquiries. You think this sounds odd?

Not at all: there’s a very logical reason for this seemingly odd behaviour: in Sweden, the victim of a crime is entitled to financial compensation according to a set tariff. Sex crimes against children generate a particularly high level of compensation. My accusers had probably expected a double jackpot: get rid of male staff working with their daughters in school, AND be richly rewarded for the scam. They didn’t count on their allegation actually prompting a police investigation – they likely expected the accusation itself would be sufficient to open the money taps directly into their bank account. There is a social disease in certain parts of the Swedish immigrant community known as “sense of entitlement” – people who just “know” what they can get if only they are sufficiently brazen and insistent. It usually works in a Swedish society too cowed to say “no”. But it didn’t work this time.

My accusers’ three-month-long “unavailability” for police questioning has been interpreted as indication of a planned, deliberate assault on me with malicious intent. However, the police will not prosecute the family for knowingly bearing false witness, even though this is a criminal offence that carries a custodial sentence. Instead, it is up to me to decide whether to press charges.

So why have I decided to make this public, despite being completely exonerated and despite the prosecutor’s acknowledgement that there is no indication whatsoever that any crime of any sort has taken place? For many reasons, not least because I now have to start the slow process of extricating myself from the psychological living grave into which I was thrust by Islamist barbarians who object to male teachers working with female schoolchildren, primitive gender segregationists who think nothing of accusing a fellow human being of the worst crime imaginable in a civic society simply in order to foist their own pathetic brand of Sharia compliance on a gullible host society. From the very outset my lawyer pointed out to the police that the case was not what it appeared, that I was being targeted because I was a man working in a profession that the Islamists wished to reserve for women, and moreover that I was being particularly targeted because I am a Jew, an outspoken figure in the ongoing debate in favour of democracy and equal rights in Sweden, a staunch Zionist who supports the Jewish state of Israel, and because I speak and write openly against the spread of Islamism in this country. Not Islam, but Islamism – for those sufficiently aware to make the distinction.

There is another reason why I have decided to make this public: because Swedish society – and the world beyond – needs to know just how pervasive Islamism is in this country. It reaches its tentacles into every facet of a naïve, unsuspecting population’s lives. Swedes seem to think that the full extent of Sharia compliance in this country is limited to separate seating for boys and girls on school buses (yes, in Sweden!) and separate bathing times for boys and girls in taxpayer-funded swimming baths to acknowledge the demand for gender segregation by Islamists. They don’t realise the situation is way more serious – reaching all the way into the staff rooms of preschools. Where the next generation of Sweden’s leaders are being educated. Or, rather, subliminally indoctrinated from a very tender age in an educational climate from which men are being intimidated into expulsion.

In today’s Sweden, in 2017, it would appear that it is not Town Hall that decides who to hire for its schools. Instead, it is Islamist parents who want to decide who has the privilege of getting a job in a taxpayer-funded preschool.

The world media is – quite rightly – focusing on the vicious Islamist terror attack on a street in central Stockhom in early April. What appears to be escaping everyone’s scrutiny, however, is the daily Islamist harassment terrorising Swedish civilians in multiple invisible ways on every single street – particularly those streets containing preschools – throughout a Sweden that is already crumbling from within, a Sweden whose social infrastructure, whose very will to survive, has caved in in ways most people don’t even know about.

Like for instance when it comes to deciding who gets to teach the upcoming generation of children – based on the teacher’s gender and/or religion.

On this particular day, when we remember those Jews who were heartlessly victimised by the barbarity of racism, we should not forget that this same racism flourishes to this very day in Sweden. Not in the German language, but in a variety of tongues spoken in various parts of the MENA area (Middle East and North Africa).

It’s an uncomfortable truth to point out in a Sweden that pompously styles itself a “humanitarian superpower”.

It’s time to label things correctly – not politically correctly

Monday, November 28th, 2016

In Israel, Arabs stone Jewish children, set forests alight, ram cars into grandmothers, knife pregnant women asleep in their beds.

I consistently maintain that it is their Muslim culture/religion/heritage that drives them to these barbaric, primitive acts that reek of a total lack of civilisational norms.

I have many friends, absolutely dedicated Zionists, Jews and believers in democracy and equal rights, who take issue with me when I say this is the result of Islamism. They claim a lot of these attacks are admittedly carried out by secular Muslims, but their religion has nothing to do with it.

I beg to differ. Their religion, whether or not they rigorously practise it, has everything to do with it.

In one sense, Islamism has little to do with Islam. It is a vicious political ideology that embraces violence and death, but it takes its succour from the religion of Islam – which contrary to the idiotic mantra of the Progressive Left is most emphatically NOT a religion of peace. It is a religion of war, violence, death and destruction.

When Jewish children, grandmothers, pregnant women and so on are attacked, when forests are set alight and pedestrians are deliberately mowed down by Muslim Arabs in cars, it is an expression of their faith in Islam. Whether or not they themselves happen to be rigid followers of the Muslim religion.

Because every social structure in Muslim Arab society – family, clan, tribe – is completely subservient to the absolute strictures of Islam – even if the family/clan/tribe member is not a faithful follower of every Islamic code. Islam shapes the family/clan/tribe, and everything that every individual within it does and thinks and says.

Does the above apply to every single Muslim Arab? Obviously not. Thankfully there are many, very many, exceptions.

But it DOES apply to every single Muslim Arab who chooses to engage in the kinds of horrific anti-civilisational acts we see both in Israel and elsewhere, anywhere in fact that the Islamist mentality of inherent supremacy (otherwise known as racism) gains a foothold. In Israel as in France as in Sweden as in wherever.

The time has come to label things correctly – not politically correctly.

The correct label for what we are seeing and experiencing is the sub-civilisational ascendancy of Islamism.

It is not up to us non-Muslims to work hard at distinguishing Muslims from Islamists. It is up to peace-loving, democracy-embracing Muslims to clean out the filth within the Islamic body.

Islam is fine, Islamism is a poison, a political movement bent on subjugation and domination.

Muslims who commit horrific acts against civilisation are doing so as Muslims, whether they are more religious or more secular in their outlook.

It is therefore up to Muslims themselves to rid their culture, their religion, their social structures, of these destructive elements within their midst.

Or risk being tarred with the same brush. At their insistence, not ours.

It’s not the success of the moderate Muslims in this endeavour that is important – the civilised world community will help them. It is the will of the moderate Muslims that is important – absent that demonstrable will, they will have to content themselves with being branded extremists as they sit idly by while horrors are committed in their name.

Until they do their bit, they will have to accept the general understanding that it is their Muslim culture/religion/heritage that drives them to these barbaric, primitive acts that reek of a total lack of civilisational norms.

My friends and I will have to agree to differ on that score.

Palestine: a protection racket that excels in intimidation

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Intimidation, extortion, blackmail, protection rackets.

That’s “Palestinian diplomacy” in a nutshell.

Amazing, isn’t it? The “Palestinians” are so supremely self-confident, they are threatening the EU and UN.

Just remember that the “Palestinians” are the people whose entire economy is dependent on welfare payments taken away from hard-working EU and UN citizens and pensioners, and instead diverted to the Palestinians. Who in turn return the favour by giving the world anti-Semitism, terrorism, extremism, indoctrination. and ethnic cleansing.

But instead of the EU and UN threatening the Palestinian recipients with harsh consequences if they don’t stop their anti-Semitism, terrorism, extremism, indoctrination and policy of ethnic cleansing, it is instead the recipients who are threatening the donors with harsh consequences if they don’t get even more.

It’s a protecton racket, with the EU and UN paying for the privilege of being bullied even as they empty their wallets.

How sick are you of this, of seeing your hard-earned tax revenues being diverted to these ingrates? Because right now, they are using your tax revenues to rewrite history at no less a body than UNESCO.

The “Palestinians” demand UNESCO unanimously acknowledge that Islam, just 1438 years old, is nonetheless older than Christianity, which is 2016 years old, and even older than Judaism, which is more than 3000 years old. This despite the archaeological and written evidence that puts the Jewish First Temple at the site of the Temple Mount 3000 years ago, 1600 years before Islam was even born on another continent, in the sands of Arabia. That is to say 1600 years before Islam invaded the Jewish provinces of Judea, Samaria and what we today know as the modern State of Israel.

“Palestine” demands that history be rewritten, that mathematics, chronology and logic all be redefined, or the EU and UN will pay an even higher price.

If you on the other hand appreciate the value of history, mathematics, chronology and logic, make your voice heard. Get in touch with your MP or senator and demand that all financial and diplomatic aid to the Palestinian Authority be stopped.


For the sake of the EU and UN.

That means for your own sake and mine. Whether you are a Christian or a Jew, your history, your very existence, is being threatened by the Islamic religion of “Palestinianism”. And we’ve already seen what other offshoots of that same Islamic religion have done to Buddhist holy relics in Afghanistan, and how many Hindu lives are lost in India every year to the practitioners of the Islamic “religion of peace”. Anyone remember Mumbai, India, in 2008?

Palestinianism is just one sect in the “peaceful religion of Islam”. Some of the other sects in this “religion of peace” include the Sunni (currently slaughtering Shias, Yezidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria), the Alawite (currently slaughtering Sunni and Shia in Syria), the Shia (currently slaughtering Sunni in Yemen, and Sunni and Christians in Lebanon). The Salafis, Wahhabis, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and other sects in the “religion of peace” are all equally active, and the “Palestinians” have adopted the very best from the very worst.

Hence their policy of intimidation, extortion, terrorism, racism and ethnic cleansing – all practised unchallenged within the protective walls of the EU and UN.

Fed up? Don’t complain – contact your MP, Euro MP or Senator and demand a stop to all aid to the Palestinian Authority. Do it now.