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UN-sponsored aid destroyed in Gaza by EU-sponsored Hamas

Monday, June 28th, 2010

EU-financed groups are destroying UN-financed infrastructure in Gaza. 

Silence from the world community. Of course, it is Islamist Muslims who are behind the destruction of UN-financed property, not Israeli Jews, so naturally there is nothing to write about in the world media, nothing for world statesmen to posture about on the political stage. 

The EU is one of the biggest financiers of the Palestinian Hamas enclave in the Gaza Strip. Now for the second time in less than two months supporters of the radical Islamist Hamas movement have destroyed UN property that they regard as a source of corruption, moral decadence and provocation.

Just what is this highly subversie property that was destroyed? Answer: a summer camp for children where boys and girls play, engage in sports and learn about human rights.

It’s a threat to the very foundation of Hamas, the EU-financed terrorist organisation that the EU supports both diplomatically and financially.

In the meantime, other UN aid is being attacked and destroyed by Muslim clansmen in Egypt. It isn’t easy these days being a strategist in the fast-sinking UN ship with both the EU and the Muslim world using it for target practice.

Martyrs at sea, commandos on land

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Two weeks have gone since the global jihadist movement under Turkey’s leadership declared open war on the Jewish state of Israel.

Now Jihadism’s commandos in the Muslim world and their behind-the-lines collaborators in the Western world are lining up to make their contribution to the global war against Israel. They are being aided by Jihadism’s strongest ally ever in modern world history – US President Hussein Obama. President Obama’s increasingly erratic moves are beginning to take on truly bisarre dimensions: now he wants to deport a Hamas dissident from the USA to the Palestinian territories where he will be murdered by the terrorists he criticises. That’s how devoted Obama is to human rights. Having said that, of course, Hussein Obama does openly value Muslim Arab lives more than 200 times higher than the lives of black Christians in the USA’s neighbouring country Haiti.

Watch the following German TV report from Südwestrundfunk which clearly identifies the anti-Semites, racists, fascists and Jihadists who organised, financed and carried out the recent attempt to force through free passage for Iranian rocket deliveries to Hamas in Gaza, all in the name of global Jihadism.

Caroline Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post about the various reasons why this is taking place. Read her sharp analysis, it is incisive and thought-provoking.

To apply a bit of perspective to what looks like the world community’s sudden love-affair with global Jihadism and the meticulously planned provocation that started it all off – Turkey’s attempt to break Egypt’s blockade of Hamas in Gaza (Israel is also involved in maintaining the Egyptian blockade) – watch the following film.

Maritime Martyrs from CJHS on Vimeo.

Anyone who sees these films, reads the highly disturbing analyses that are coming from increasingly diverse quarters regarding the swift progress of global Jihadism and the Western world’s quiet submission, and who does not contact politicians and the media with the aim of influencing one’s own government, is personally contributing to the approaching catastrophe.

Do something. Yes – this applies to you if you are reading these lines. Because in another few years’ time you will no longer be allowed to read lines like these. And by then it will be too late.

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Revealing figures

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Statistics can be revealing. Comparative statistics can be even more revealing.

Like the following, for instance:

About 18 months ago, 10,000 rockets fired on Israel by the Hamas regime in Gaza over a period of eight years prompted Israel to finally respond to the constant barrage. Even the most partial, the most pro-Palestinian and most pro-Hamas analysts report that fewer than 1500 Palestinian Arabs – the overwhelming majority of them Hamas terrorists – lost their lives in the war initiated by Hamas.
In Haiti a few months ago, about 230,000 people lost their lives in a devastating earthquake that left the entire nation paralysed.
Gaza gets aid from the USA totalling more than $635,000 per fatality. In Haiti, US aid totals $3000 per fatality. Muslim Arabs living half a world away, who of their own free will elected a fanatical Islamist terrorist organisation to government, thus receive 209 times more aid from the USA than America’s neighbour Haiti which was crushed by a natural catastrophe which was nobody’s fault. Of course, unlike Gaza, Haiti is not Muslim and its population is black, two factors that may go a long way to explaining the discrepancy.
You can read more about these statistics and many other highly revealing comparisons in an excellent blog, Tundra Tabloids. The facts presented there make for interesting and at the same time disturbing reading.