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For the nastier among the many anti-Israel storm-troopers who against the odds might read this blog, I would like to take this opportunity to once again repeat the main point, and this time I will write it s l o w l y so that you really have the chance of keeping up: these articles represent my personal views and are not in any way intended to denigrate any group of people whatsoever, whether on account of their religion, ethnicity, political affiliations, profession or personal characteristics.

Although inveterate Israel-bashers and narrow-minded fanatics may choose to believe otherwise, this blog does not claim to represent the only truth or the only possible interpretation of events or attitudes in the Middle East. The author fully appreciates that other people are entitled to their own opinions, even when those opinions are couched in misleading terminology, skilfully woven half-truths and direct lies of the sort that would cause Pinocchio to blush with embarrassment. It is part of the tradition of democracy – and thus also an inherent part of this author’s nature – to accept that people with a different opinion have the right to express that opinion.

That is why this blog often mentions “Palestine” by name – even though no such country has ever previously existed – in the hope that the Palestinian Arabs can take a sufficiently long break in their campaign of killing Jews and Israelis to help transform their vision of yet another Palestinian Arab country alongside Jordan into a reality. It is also for this reason that many of the articles in this blog also sketch the borders of the planned-for “Palestine”, even though the official symbols of the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Hamas, Hizbollah and Islamic Jihad all proudly spotlight a “Palestine” that has wiped out and entirely replaced the Jewish state of Israel.

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