Sweden’s Islamist Housing Minister Resigns

April 18th, 2016 by ilyameyer

Swedish Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan has resigned.

The Housing Minister, an avowed Islamist whose only action thus far after 18 months in the government is to announce that he will “liberate Jerusalem”, has resigned following a series of revelations about his long-term and intimate links with fascist Islamist groups closely allied with Turkey’s dictator Erdogan.

Kaplan also has the dubious distinction of having been deported from the territory of a Swedish ally, Israel, for subversive activities including failing to enter the country legally, a claim to fame that he shares with his Green Party government colleague Gustav Fridolin. They were both deported for illegal activities linked with the illicit Ship to Gaza terrorist action.

Swedish Prime Minister has signally failed to act in any way whatsoever throughout this growing debacle, waiting for his antagonistic, racist Housing Minister to resign rather than kicking him out of office.

It should be noted that during his tenure at the helm of the housing ministry during a period that saw more than 200,000 mostly Muslim migrants enter Sweden, many of them illegally and without adequate asylum grounds, Housing Minister has failed to build a single apartment for them or for the indigenous Swedish population. He has spent all his time – and Swedish taxpayers’ hard-earned tax revenues – jet-setting to Turkey and working for/with the Islamist dictatorship there against the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel – a country that is a staunch ally and major trading partner of Sweden.

The resignation of Islamist government minister Mehmet Kaplan is a good beginning for the slowly subsiding democracy that is Sweden.

This action needs to be immediately followed by the resignation of Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström who has made it her ministerial career to antagonise Israel and to abuse Swedish tax revenues to gather votes for a Swedish seat on the UN Security Council. She wants this seat for one purpose only: to increase her attacks on Israel.

The reason why Margot Wallström’s removal from office is vital is not so as to pander to Israeli political concerns – she is after all answerable not to Israeli voters but only to Swedish voters who naturally expect her to work on behalf of Swedish interests; rather, her immediate removal from her post is specifically needed to facilitate Sweden’s best interests – she has succeeded in the remarkable achievement of antagonising both Arab and Israeli political echelons, but also Russian and European leaders. Incredibly, she has also succeeded in driving a wedge between Sweden and her Scandinavian partners Finland, Denmark and Norway on account of her abysmal track record on migration and failed integration.

In the wake of MP Mehmet Kaplan’s resigation, the Swedish Jewish community is now waiting with baited breath for the predictable allegations of “Jewish media conspiracy” to rear their ugly head.

This despite the fact that, for the first time in modern-day Swedish history, it was actually the media that, remarkably, led the drive to spotlight Kaplan’s anti-democratic affiliations and raised the demand for his resignation.

This aspect – the fact that the Swedish media actually, for the first time in living memory – did what it is nominally charged with doing, which is investigative journalism – should not be underestimated. It may mark the start of a new Swedish attitude – less kowtowing to the state religion of Political Correctness and more hard-nosed reporting on what actually happens, without the dubious benefits of rose-tinted spectacles financed by rabidly left-wing demagogues.

The Hart Trilogy is now complete

April 11th, 2016 by ilyameyer


“The Hart Trilogy” – three action-packed political thrillers dealing with the tough security realities of Israel as an island of democracy in the Middle East, and Sweden as a growing hotbed of Islamism in an increasingly segregated part of the world.

Diplomatic and media wrangling between Israel and Sweden aside, there’s a lot more that unites the two countries than first meets the eye.

Not least, both countries’ increasingly desperate struggle for survival.

The three books – Bridges Going Nowhere, The Threat Beneath, and From The Shadows – are works of fiction.

But fiction grounded firmly in a harsh reality, fiction all too often overtaken by reality.

The way I have conceptualised the series, the three books actually form a single unit. They are a progression, a maturing, a journey that carries the reader from fairly innocent and naïve beginnings in the first book, to a conclusion in the third book that was already finalised in my mind some four years ago.

While writing, I half-expected a knock on my door from SÄPO, the excellent, hardworking and extremely praiseworthy Swedish Security Service.

A security service that unfortunately finds its hands tied by political masters who themselves are slaves to the religion of Political Correctness.

If they do indeed come knocking on my door, SÄPO will either want to arrest me because my writing is a tad too realistic for their tastes, seeing as it seems to spookily predict some of the most cold-blooded terrorist atrocities in the civilised world today.

Or they will want to hire me to write training scenarios so they can sharpen their operational preparedness for what is undoubtedly in the pipeline even as you read these words.

When you finish reading the third book in the trilogy, note its date of publication and then re-read the news from Europe and Sweden that emerged in the media a few weeks AFTER the book was published.

You’ll understand exactly what I mean.

I am currently busy writing my fourth book, “Picture Imperfect”. Where a worrying reality, a dark future, draws ever nearer.

I travel everywhere giving book presentations and doing book-signings, and have a series of four booked this summer in Israel. Inbox me if you would like me to come talk about the books, the reality they depict, and the creative process of writing the trilogy. I’ll be happy to come to your workplace, club, community group or other forum.

“From The Shadows” – the third book in “The Hart Trilogy” – is out now

March 24th, 2016 by ilyameyer

From The Shadows”, the third and final book in “The Hart Trilogy” is now out. It can be purchased via amazon.com and from other online bookstores, either in paperback or as an e-book (for Kindle or other e-readers after downloading a suitable free app).

Later this year I will be in Israel on a book-signing tour and giving talks about the books and the realities that lie behind them.

Before delving into “From The Shadows”, let me say that while reading through the final proofs, several world events took place that underscored the topicality, the urgency, of the themes it deals with: terrorism, Islamism, unfettered immigration without adequate controls, inadequate integration, Western societies too cowed by the religion of Political Correctness to support their own citizens, the existential threat posed to host societies by confusing generosity with carte blanche. These threats are increasingly taking centre-stage in the minds of entire populations, even as their politicians and media do all they can to avoid acknowledging the truth.

And nowhere is this truth truer than in Sweden.

The Hart Trilogy consists of three books for a good reason. Featuring many of the same characters and venues, when read as a series the aim is to take the reader on a journey. A cognitive journey from relatively gentle, deliberately naïve beginnings in “Bridges Going Nowhere”, through insights into a harsher reality in “The Threat Beneath”, to the darker, some might say apocalyptic, vision of the looming future as told in “From The Shadows”.

Following on from where “Bridges Going Nowhere” and “The Threat Beneath” left off, “From The Shadows” embarks on a dark voyage. It takes the reader from an emboldened Hamas in the Gaza Strip to Sweden in far-off Scandinavia. The physical distance between the two stands in stark contrast to their sometimes startling closeness in terms of attitudes and demographics. And wherever the action plays out, there is a newly revived Iranian regime pulling the strings.

I live in both Sweden and Israel, having previously spent many years in a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip. A lot of research has gone into the fine details of the story – people’s names, attitudes in the street, the inside line on the various security services involved, the technologies that are so crucial to the storyline.

As before, a lot of effort has also gone into deliberately muddying the waters so that this element of transparency, of traceability, does not go too far and jeopardise security. Many details are therefore deliberately inaccurate or entirely incorrect, a figment of my imagination. I believe in depicting reality – but with responsibility.

Along with the fast pace of the action and the in-depth political analysis, I try to bring an undercurrent of dry, bubbling humour in telling the tale, a down-to-earth sense of fun in spotlighting foibles of characters co-existing in unease and sometimes downright antipathy. The conflicts between various ethnic groups and between various religious ideologies as depicted in the book are unfortunately all too real, but like in real life they also occasionally give rise to dry humour.

As before, I had to rewrite significant portions of the storyline as the fiction on which the action centres began to be reported in the media as ongoing news.

The storyline is entirely fictional, but the reality it depicts is frightening.

Starting from today’s launch, the first 2500 US dollars’ worth of sales of this book and the previous two books in the trilogy will be donated to the Alyn Paediatric Hospital in Jerusalem. So I don’t feel shy about asking people to buy – for themselves and to give away as presents.