Bridges Going Nowhere – now also available in paperback

October 8th, 2014 by ilyameyer

Bridges Going Nowhere“, which marks my debut as a thriller writer, is now also available as a paperback from

“Bridges Going Nowhere” is a thriller where the action starts in Judea & Samaria and ends up in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, building up all the way to a crescendo in the icy winter of Sweden, far from its origin in the dusty heat of the Middle East.
It was previously only available as an ebook, which version is of course still available, also from and

Sweden: the new Donald Duck government

October 6th, 2014 by ilyameyer

Sweden has had a new government for a week now.

So far the only public statement the new government has made has been its intention to recognise the fictitious State of Palestine. But not the very real (and beleaguered) State of Kurdistan.

Here are a few reflections on this new government, and what drives it:

It is a Leftist government, a coalition of Social Democrats and Sweden’s hard-line Green Party.

  • The Green Party in Sweden is not like the Greens in the real world. Here the Greens are not terribly concerned about the environment. Party leader and Environment Minister Åsa Romson paints her houseboat with a poisonous substance that is expressly banned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for its toxic properties. She fends off criticism on the grounds that her boat is “too large” to be pro-environmentally washed clean instead of being conveniently coated with poison too keep barnacles at bay. She heats this houseboat – which is moored in the heart of central Stockholm’s low-emissions zone – with emission-spewing diesel fuel. In Sweden, the Green Party is concerned less with the environment and more with bucking the system. What system, you might ask? Answer: any system, just so long as there’s a system. Long live the anti-Israel revolution – indeed long live anything that can stick it to the Jewish state of Israel. Truth to tell, the Swedish Green party bears a distinct shade of unfashionable Brown.
  • Another Green Party minister – Minister for Culture, no less – is Alice Bah Kuhnke. She is known, not least, for baring her breasts in the media, and for threatening to cut off funding to organisations that work against honour killings if any of the funding goes to men/boys working against this crime. She demanded that funding only be given to women, thus effectively barring male members of immigrant communities from daring to take a stance against this horrific crime. Interestingly, she joined the Green Party just last week, AFTER being nominated for a ministerial post on behalf of the Green Party…
  • Another Green Party government minister is Mehmet Kaplan, an ardent Islamist whose mission in public life is to “end the occupation of Jerusalem”. One might be tempted to ask if he is referring to Muslim occupation of the area overlooking Judaism’s holy Western Wall, from which boulders are routinely hurled by Muslims down onto Jews praying below. But he is of course referring to a “Jewish occupation” of Judaism’s holy sites in the Jewish capital of the Jewish state of Israel. Mehmet Kaplan is the new Housing and City Development Minister. Quite comical really – a Swedish Settlement Minister opposing what he regards as settlements in Israel…
  • Mehmet Kaplan applauds young Western jihadists who travel to IS(IS)-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq for beheading tourism and says they are no different to other patriots fighting against invaders, such as the Finnish patriots who once struggled against the invading Soviet empire. No, really. And he is a key minister in the new Swedish government.
  • Yet another Green Party government minister is Gustav Fridolin, Minister for Education. He is familiar to the Israeli scene for having been deported from Israel following his arrest for violent behaviour as part of his support for extremist militant terror organisation ISM, whose purpose is to undermine the sovereignty of Israel through military and other means.
  • One might be tempted to laugh, but the new Swedish Minister for the Interior is Ardalan Shekarabi (Social Democratic party). He is a former illegal immigrant who defied a deportation order by going underground until a new government granted him amnesty. He has been found to have embezzled funds from the Social Democratic Party’s youth organisation to further his personal election campaign and was accordingly kicked out of the youth organisation. This year the Swedish Tax Office accused him of cheating on his income-tax returns and has ordered him to pay what he owes to help fund the public community that he has now been appointed as a Government Minister to serve…
  • Anna Johansson (Minister for Infrastructure) was found to have fiddled her official expense account, trying to pass off a bill for ladies’ underwear as a legitimate bill for official entertainment.

The list goes on and on.

Drugs convictions, embezzlement, sex scandals, New Age flummery – there’s even a minister, Kristina Persson, Minister for Future and Strategy (aged 70 next birthday, one wonders about the longevity of Sweden’s future and strategy) who believes she has been reincarnated and remembers dying sometime in the 14th century…

It’s the stuff of bizarre comedy. A kind of Monty Python meets Jerry Seinfeld. Only it’s meant to be taken seriously.

With the exception of the exquisitely titled Septuagenarian Minister for Future (who says the new government doesn’t have a wicked sense of humour?) the new Swedish government is made up of remarkably young people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with youth. Their energy, their vision, their grasp of trending ideas and much, much more are all vital.

But this is not a scout camp for twelve-year-olds where Team Green has the task of putting up the tents, Team Red makes the fried eggs and beans on toast, and Team Blue organises a sing-song around the campfire. This is government. The ship of state that has to guide a population of more than 9 million souls to a better future. Yet most of the newly appointed government ministers are barely capable of putting together a shopping list for their weekly groceries. And many of them couldn’t be trusted to pay the bill anyway, if their past behaviour is anything to go by.

Sweden no longer has a government. It resembles a scene from a Donald Duck comic where the Beagle Boys – all duly decked out in their striped convicts’ shirts – have been officially escorted from jail to the state bank and been given the keys.

Only, in Sweden, it turns out the Beagle Boys’ first move was not to fill a truck with cash and drive straight to their hideout. No, the first thing the Swedish Beagle Boys did was to announce that the cash in the bank would be spent on supporting a fictitious State of Palestine – while utterly ignoring the plight of the already existing and increasingly desperate autonomous State of Kurdistan, the plight of Christians in Syria and Iraq, the plight of Yazidis in the same area, the plight of Christians in Nigeria who are under constant racist attack by Islamist Boko Haram, the plight of Christians under attack by al-Shabab, the plight of Christians who are being decimated in the Gaza Strip by the Islamist Hamas terrorist group – the pattern becomes clear.

The new Swedish government: with one or two exceptions, it appears to have the collective brainpower of Donald Duck on a bad-feather day.

Talking of which, remember Minister for Culture Alice Bah Kuhnke? She rose to stardom as the hostess for Sweden’s Disney Club programme on children’s TV.

That figures.

Swedish election results: less a step to the right, more a reality-check

September 17th, 2014 by ilyameyer

Or a health check.

Sweden voted in national, municipal and county council elections on Sunday September 14.

A lot has since been written about how this tolerant, welcoming and peaceful Scandinavian nation has “turned to the far right” because the Sweden Democrats (SD) party more than doubled its votes, taking 12.9 percent of the national vote and making SD the third largest party in Sweden after the Social Democrats (Labour) and the Moderates (Conservatives) at 31.2 and 23.2 percent respectively.

The Sweden Democrats ran on an unashamedly pro-integration ticket. Some would argue that it was in fact nothing but a virulently anti-immigration ticket.

With Sweden’s generous immigration and asylum policies stretching this country’s finances and infrastructure to breaking point – and immigration and asylum seemingly limited solely to applicants from Muslim countries – immigration may well be what determined the 2014 election results.

Meanwhile the country’s seven mainstream political parties have all vowed to ignore and totally side-line SD. If they continue with this policy as they have done for the past eight years, aided and abetted by Sweden’s rabidly left-wing mainstream media, immigration and integration will undoubtedly also determine the outcome of the next scheduled elections, in 2018.

Most likely to SD’s massive advantage.

Because the fact is that the sole reason the Sweden Democrats did so well in Sunday’s elections is Sweden’s abysmally failed policy on integration of its largely Muslim influx of immigrants. It is all well and good to talk about SD as a party with fascist and Nazi roots, and many armchair pundits in the political and media elite do just that. The uncomfortable truth, however, is that very same description can be applied to Sweden’s Social Democratic (Labour) party and its Moderate (Conservative) party, both of which were once firmly entrenched in virulently racist Nazi ideology. The parties on the left, most notably Vänsterpartiet (the Left Party, formerly known as The Communist Left Party) eagerly embrace fascist methods and ideologies in their determination to prevent the practise of democracy in Sweden. Yes, in 2014.

Continuing to do what all the other Swedish political parties and the country’s mainstream media did over the past eight years – ignoring the parallel issues of failed integration and vastly increasing immigration, pretending instead that the problem lies with an increasing swing towards fascism in Sweden – is precisely the attitude that has given SD its steadily rising support.

And equally so, continuing the failed policy of ignoring SD will continue to drive its electoral successes to new record-breaking levels.

I do not write this as an SD supporter, but as an objective liberal who sees with the utmost clarity that the sole reason SD have done so well is because Sweden’s other political parties have gone out of their way to ensure SD’s success – by ignoring what an increasing proportion of the country’s population regards as a major existential problem: failed integration and increasing radicalisation among the country’s Muslim immigrants. All at a gigantic financial cost to the country’s increasingly financially burdened taxpayers.

Interestingly, fresh statistics reveal that the electoral districts where the most rabidly anti-SD and pro-immigration politicians and journalists live are the districts that have absolutely no immigrant asylum facilities. Politicians and journalists living in unaffected comfort within homogeneous cocoons are the people pushing for increased immigration and asylum accommodation – in areas located far, very far, from their own homes and places of work.

Yet it is these same politicians and journalists, sitting in the segregated tranquillity of their own homogeneous communities, who pull out the “racist” card when local residents in the faraway communities directly affected by a large influx of non-integrated immigrants vote SD.

The truth is that majority Sweden is clearly in favour of immigration on humanitarian grounds, but is increasingly insistent on integration of the people to whom it throws open its borders.

Integration, not assimilation. Assimilation means deleting your ethnic, religious and cultural past and blending in with your new host society, whereas integration means openly embracing your ethnic, religious and cultural past within your new host culture, fitting in while nonetheless continuing to acknowledge and openly support your heritage.

Sweden has thus far abysmally failed to integrate the past couple of decades’ inflow of immigrants, the vast majority of whom come from an increasingly strife-torn Muslim world. Previous waves of immigrants – Danes and Norwegians during WW2, Holocaust survivors in the wake of WW2, Cold War asylum-seekers from Hungary and Poland, job-seekers from Finland, Yugoslavia and Turkey, political refugees from Argentina and Chile – all have integrated well over the decades. Not assimilated and effaced their past, but integrated and successfully interwoven their past with the new present. Failure to do just this is what is causing Sweden’s crisis of failed integration.

And failure to address this issue will only continue to increase SD’s electoral successes.

So remarkably, if Sweden does indeed turn to the right, it will be entirely thanks to a pathologically unquestioning, rabidly left-leaning media who steadfastly refuse to call the mainstream centrist political parties on an issue that patently obviously troubles a large – and expanding – swathe of the Swedish population.

In effect an unintended “coalition” between the media Left and the political Right, with the Left actively feeding the Right. Only the media Left aren’t smart enough to realise what they are doing.

Kind of funny, in a way. If only the situation weren’t so very serious.