When anti-Semitism enters, intelligence exits

May 1st, 2016 by ilyameyer

1st of May today.

Traditionally the day on which avid supporters of communism, the political movement that has killed almost 100 million people worldwide, take to the streets to celebrate their “achievements”.

Many among this group have a new darling cause to support: they call it anti-Zionism. In this cause, they are joined by a wide variety of bigots and segregationists, featuring a high proportion of Islamists, who choose to single out Jews – and ONLY Jews – as targets of their viciousness.

But as both the EU and the UN have made clear, the term “anti-Zionism” (sometimes also known as “anti-Israelism”) is just another euphemism for plain old anti-Semitism.

In other words, raw, naked racism aimed squarely at the Jews.

So today, here’s lesson one in history. And logic. Two lessons for the price of one.

  • Lithuanians call Lithuania their ancestral home.
  • Indians call India their ancestral home.
  • Algerians call Algeria their ancestral home.
  • Tunisians call Tunisia their ancestral home.
  • Jews call Judea their ancestral home.

In all these cases – and many more besides – the clue is kind of in the name.

In all these cases – and many more besides – the world community fully agrees.

Except in the case of Judea – which many of the world community’s least intelligent, most bigoted thinkers (I use the term liberally) instead claim belongs to a group of people they term “Palestinians”.

Where anti-Semitism takes root, principle, reason, logic, fact and intelligence seem to evaporate.

April 22nd, 2016 by ilyameyer

Read this if you intend to vote in the upcoming US elections.

Earlier this week there was an ugly anti-Semitic UN debacle with UNESCO adopting a resolution that explicitly denies Judaism’s 3500 year old links to Jerusalem in favour of Islamism’s 1400 year old tenuous references to the city.

Whether you intend voting for Cruz, Trump, Clinton, Kasich or, heaven forbid, Sanders, ask them this question and then deposit their written answer with your attorney for later legal action if they break their contract with you, the voter.

“Will you as President cancel all funding of the UN, and specifically UNESCO, in the wake of the explicitly anti-Semitic action it took in April 2016, or would you describe yourself as someone who willingly aids and abets anti-Semitism through the tax revenues of US citizens?”

Just that question.

Deposit their answers with your attorney. And then bring legal action if they deviate from their commitment once elected.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are doing this to support Israel.

You are doing it to support democracy, freedom of worship, and equal rights for minorities without risk of ethnic cleansing by racist supremacists favouring the vicious political ideology of Islamism.

Because as the Islamists come for the Jews today, you know they’ll be coming for everyone else tomorrow.

Using our tax revenues siphoned off via the UN to finance their religious war of extermination.

Just do it. Today.

Or pay the price – literally – tomorrow.

From your tax revenues.

Sweden’s Green Party leader talks about “the 9/11 accident”

April 19th, 2016 by ilyameyer
Sweden has a problem with institutional anti-Semitism and support for terrorism.
Much - but by no means all – of it comes down to a political ideology that hides behind the title “Green Party”. A party with an inordinately high proportion of Muslim members.
Yesterday Green Party government minister Mehmet Kaplan resigned following a series of revelations about his grotesque anti-Semitism and intimate links with fascist Islamist parties and terrorist movements.
Today his party colleague Åsa Romson sang Kaplan’s praises and said he was still upset over repercussions of the “9/11 accidents“.
Read that again.
The Islamist terror attacks on 9/11 in which 3000 innocent people were murdered are referred to by the Green Party leader – who is also the Swedish government’s Deputy Prime Minister – as “accidents“.
There can be little doubt that Åsa Romson is a deeply unsavoury character who should be removed from power before she can do any more damage to Sweden’s credibility abroad and her citizens’ safety at home. This is the same person who just a few months ago referred to “Auschwitz being repeated on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea” because economic migrants from various Muslim countries were being denied entry into the EU.
Really? The voluntary search for better economic conditions is akin to the unparallelled savagery and naked bestiality of Auschwitz?
Today former Swedish Green Party leader Per Gahrton claimed on national TV that disgraced MP Mehmet Kaplan was a victim of a zionist conspiracy. No less a body than the EU has clearly stated that attempts to conceal anti-Semitism by claiming anti-Zionist credentials is anti-Semitic, plain and simple.
Sweden’s Green Party is a terror-supporting, anti-Swedish and anti-Semitic movement. We may soon reach a situation whereby only overseas political pressure will be sufficient to force the Swedish coalition government to remove the burdensome Green Party from power.
Denmark, Norway and Finland are already deeply troubled over Sweden’s irresponsible stance on uncontrolled immigration into the country - and hence also into the rest of Scandinavia and the EU.
How much more damage will Sweden’s Green Party be allowed to do both at home and overseas?
(The attached news clip from Swedish national TV news broadcaster SVT is in Swedish.)