Nazi Yom Kippur demo in Gothenburg, Sweden, a godsend to PC-Swedes

September 17th, 2017 by ilyameyer

On Yom Kippur this year, NMR – a neo-Nazi party – will be holding a racist demonstration in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their route takes them close to the doors of Gothenburg’s main synagogue.

On Yom Kippur.

The Gothenburg Jewish Community has always enjoyed an excellent, warm and professional relationship with the police, both the uniform branch and the security police. We have never hesitated to turn to the police with our security-related concerns over the years, and the police have always responded with the utmost attentiveness, flexibility and consideration.

Not this year, however. When the Jewish Community leadership pointed out that the date of the march and its route posed a particular security concern owing to their overt anti-Semitic symbolism, the police responded that they had taken into consideration the “security aspects” of the Nazi march and demonstration, explaining they are not concerned with the religious niceties of the Jewish religion on this or any other particular day. From the point of view of a security operation, the police say, this route allows them to keep everything under control.

Despite our decades of close and smooth cooperation, this response seems to suggest that the Gothenburg police have learned little over the years. The Gothenburg Jewish Community is not asking the police to reroute the march because we are upset that Nazis are insulting our religion or upsetting our emotions.

We are requesting that the march be rerouted because Jews both young and elderly will be coming to and from the synagogue all day long. As such, having a Nazi demonstration route that takes a few hundred uniformed racists close to our main doors is very much a security issue. Not an emotive one. It is not our sensibilities that are under threat, but our physical well-being.

Sweden is still thankfully a democracy. As such, even Nazis, Islamists and other equally intellectually challenged racists have the right to march and demonstrate. It is not this right that the Jewish Community of Gothenburg wishes to curtail. It is not even the deliberately provocative choice of date on which to hold their racist demonstration that is at issue – because Sweden is still nominally a democratic country.

It is the route, the venue, that is a serious security risk. A security risk to Jewish worshippers who will be entering and leaving the synagogue all day long.

It is a risk that the Gothenburg police are refusing to acknowledge.

And a refusal that is raising more than a few eyebrows here on Sweden’s west coast.

Because in all the moral debacle that this issue is spotlighting, there is actually one issue that everyone is aware of but that nobody will dare mention because in Sweden, Political Correctness is the state religion.

Here it is: the planned Nazi NMR demonstration is just one (1) overtly anti-Semitic event that is grabbing the headlines to the exclusion of all else. All of Swedish society – politicians, the media, private citizens – are in touching agreement that the beliefs of these racists are morally indefensible but that they have a legal right to hold a demonstration. These racists are by and large fair-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, they shout their slogans in Swedish – the typical Aryan ideal of racial superiority and overt offensiveness against Jews. With a sigh of morally indignant relief, Swedish society has gratefully embraced the opportunity to express its collective repugnance against the Nazi racists, while upholding their legal right to demonstrate in our democracy.

Yet that same society – the same politicians, the same media, those same private citizens – maintain a tight-lipped silence when identical and even far worse anti-Semitism is expressed in Gothenburg and elsewhere. On a daily basis.

Of course, that anti-Semitism is not expressed by fair-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed racists shouting slogans in Swedish, but by largely dark-haired, swarthy-skinned, dark-eyed racists shouting slogans in Arabic and other languages from the non-Jewish part of the Middle East and North Africa.

That anti-Semitism – which is expressed on a daily basis – in sometimes far viler ways such as calls to “slaughter the sons of apes and pigs” from Swedish mosque pulpits, that anti-Semitism remains ignored by Swedish society.

The Nazi NMR demonstration, no matter where it is held, no matter which route it eventually takes, has come as a godsend to Swedish society. Swedes will now be able to salve their consciences by wholeheartedly, proudly and loudly condemning the anti-Semitic Nazis – while shamefacedly, abjectly and resolutely ignoring the anti-Semitic Islamists.

In Sweden, one (1) single Nazi anti-Semitic event is gratefully embraced as a means of absolving Swedish society from the responsibility of dealing with 365 Islamist anti-Semitic events a year.

Lessons in extortion: Pyongyang sits the exam, while Teheran takes notes

September 11th, 2017 by ilyameyer

From an historical viewpoint it would be interesting to look back and see how future generations judge us for our passiveness today.

Over a period of eight years, in a shocking display of well-meaning naivete and ill-considered policy, US President Barack Obama protected, even rescued and aided, rogue regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, Fatah and others.

Obama pulled back the Iran regime from the brink of collapse, firstly by refusing to offer even token moral support to the Iranian pro-democracy movement, and secondly by releasing hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen assets to Iran. The Iranian regime promptly used these funds to rearm both themselves and their Lebanese colonialist arm Hezbollah, then joined forces with Syria’s Bashar Assad as he went about massacring half a million of his own citizens and driving most of the rest into exile.

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Nazi Yom Kippur demo in Gothenburg, Sweden, a godsend to PC-Swedes

September 11th, 2017 by ilyameyer
Nazi party organising a march and demo right past the city’s main synagogue. On Yom Kippur.
Sweden is in uproar over this one (1) anti-Semitic Nazi event.
While remaining silent over several hundred anti-Semitic Islamist events in the same city, many on a far worse scale of moral repugnance.
This is what happens when Political Correctness takes over as State Religion.

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