Anti-Semitism International Pens New ‘Apartheid’ Claim Against Israel

Amnesty International Supports Arab Muslim Apartheid in Lebanon. And Yemen. And Saudi Arabia. And other Gulf States. Anti-Semitism International, a racist ’NGO’ that without any trace of irony sometimes goes by the name Amnesty International, has produced a new report about “systemic racism”. No, the report does not deal with the Arab state of Lebanon, […]

Book Review: “Hope Reborn” by Michelle Mazel

“Hope Reborn” by accomplished author Michelle Mazel is the sequel to the first of her books featuring the World War Two exploits of Hungarian Jewish émigré Julius Matthias, “A Pact with the Devil”. Despite this being a sequel, Mazel gets down to the storyline refreshingly quickly, with quick-fire recouping of past events seamlessly woven into […]

A New Chapter

Within the next few days I will be closing down my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I’m currently busy copying and saving what I want to keep. I will continue with the Signal and Telegram platforms, to which I migrated a couple of years ago. I remain committed to raising 4000 US dollars this year […]

Sweden: A Return To The Middle Ages

Returned at the end of last week to Sweden after spending three months in Israel. Israel took the Coronavirus pandemic extremely seriously. Restrictions, lockdown, fines for breaking quarantine and more. Israelis have paid a heavy economic price for these draconian measures. But they have by and large stayed safe, and they have survived. At least […]

2020 – The Pandemic Pesach

Pesach/Passover 2020 will go down in the annals of history as a unique event. The Coronavirus pandemic put an effective stop to millennia of Jewish ritual and tradition surrounding the family-oriented customs of this wonderful festival so rich in meaning and history. Pesach is the festival when among other things, we remember the plagues that […]

Iranian lies and Iranian deaths

The Iranian regime that shot down a Ukrainian passenger jetliner and bulldozed the crash site to cover up its mistake, now admits that it did fire a missile at the passenger aircraft, killing all 176 people on board. First the regime wasted valuable time denying all responsibility. Then it attempted to destroy all evidence at […]

When green means brown

Very worried today. I need to buy some wood to complete an upcycling project I’m working on at home. But to transport the wood I’ll need to use my car, which I actually use very sparingly. I generally use my cycle (with trailer when necessary) for just about everything else. Question: Am I even allowed […]

Fortress Sweden

What do you take with you when you go shopping? Money, credit card, shopping list, grocery bags? Check. And, if you live in Sweden, also a bulletproof vest and/or stab-vest. The new Sweden: Supermarket personnel being issued with bulletproof and stab-proof vests. Yes, you read right. No, there is no martial law in Sweden. On […]

The Turkey-ISIS alliance is alive and kicking

The West’s penchant for voluntarily empowering rogue states continues to amaze. The Turkish regime’s “defence” minister sounds more offensive than defensive, don’t you think? Not satisfied with swallowing up half of Cyprus and parts of Syria, Turkey now wants all of Cyprus, plus more of Syria, Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria… But hey, stop complaining, we’re doing […]