The systemic anti-Semitism of the Swedish Left

Sweden’s Left has a serious, and systemic, inherited, problem with its ingrained anti-Semitism. Sweden’s multiple left-wing parties have all been thoroughly infiltrated by virulent anti-Semites with roots in the Muslim world. This particular variant on the theme, Iranian-born Oldoz Javidi, has openly called for deporting Jews to America as a solution to Middle East problems. […]

Not Martial Law But…

Masked, heavily armed paramilitary-type forces now guard the outside of police stations in Malmö to prevent them from being shot up using assault rifles, attacked with grenades/rocket launchers, and fire-bombed. No, this is not martial law, just the routine everyday situation in a country where 54 zones across the country are now classified as “no-go […]

Perpetuating EU failure in order to combat fresh US thinking. Because Trump…

Today two more or less simultaneous images are etched into my mind. The first is Mike Pence’s superb poise and diplomatic elegance following the retrograde behaviour of Arab Members of the Knesset as they disrupted the US Vice-President’s historic speech at the Knesset. The US Vice-President went on to commend Israel for its vibrant democracy, […]

Gothenburg survived; Gothenburg's taxpayers didn't

Thanks to a well-organised police strategy and well-executed security measures, Gothenburg’s Nazi demo ended with remarkably few incidents, bearing in mind what could have happened. True to our predictions, it was not the Nazis who created the relatively few and relatively limited incidents of violence, but the Leftist and Anarchist so-called counter-demonstrators. Who were there […]

Gothenburg: planned Yom Kippur battleground for Nazis, Left-wing fanatics, Islamists and Anarchists

Two days ago, following a court order, the Gothenburg Police finally changed the route of the planned NMR Nazi march on Yom Kippur so it does not pass by the city’s main synagogue. Today, previously suspected plans by extreme left-wing groups from Sweden and the rest of Europe to stage a major clash in the […]

Gothenburg Administrative Court of Appeal forces Nazis to change march route away from synagogue

The Gothenburg Administrative Court of Appeal has ordered that the planned Nazi march near Gothenburg’s main synagogue on Yom Kippur be altered, so that it ends well away from and goes nowhere near the synagogue. This is very welcome news. As Jews in Gothenburg we have not demanded that democratic rights of assembly be curtailed […]