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Ilya MeyerAbout Ilya

I am a junior- and middle-school teacher but work now as a translator and interpreter and as a writer on the Middle East.

I’m also a keen classic car enthusiast with a particular penchant for British cars of the 1950s. Not low-slung open sports cars but regular family models – everyday cars that few other people seem to care for. I have written a lot about classic cars and have also published a book in Swedish that takes a light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant in Sweden.

I grew up in India, England and Israel and live now in Sweden. I feel that this richly varied background gives me unique insight into the Middle East conflict based on historical, religious, multi-ethnic and strategic considerations. I was raised in an equally Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Sikh society and feel that this has given me insight into and understanding of the mechanisms at work in matters relating to immigration, integration and conflict resolution. Formerly a member of the Israeli Shalom Akshav (Peace Now) “peace movement”, I became disillusioned by its naiveté and inability to recognise Palestinian-Arab intransigence and predilection for terror.

I have four children and if there is one thing that I feel more strongly about than anything else it is the future of the young generation. That probably explains why I feel so terribly disturbed by unfairness towards children and the denial of a better future for the coming generation, as is the case in Palestinian-Arab society.

I believe in peace and coexistence based on mutual respect and responsibility, and am convinced that unconditional financial support without any demand for reciprocity extends the conflict and suffering.

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