Anti-Semitism International Pens New ‘Apartheid’ Claim Against Israel

Amnesty International Supports Arab Muslim Apartheid in Lebanon. And Yemen. And Saudi Arabia. And other Gulf States.

Anti-Semitism International, a racist ’NGO’ that without any trace of irony sometimes goes by the name Amnesty International, has produced a new report about “systemic racism”.

No, the report does not deal with the Arab state of Lebanon, where Palestinian Arabs now in their 3rd generation are banned by law from engaging in certain professions, or owning property,

No, the report does not deal with Sunni Arab Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Gulf Arab Muslim states where foreign – mostly Asian – workers are systematically abused, their passports withheld and their hard-earned pay denied after months of service to rich Gulf families.

No, the report does not deal with Shia Muslim Iran which systematically executes gays, political dissidents, and women demanding their right not to be raped within or outside the marital home.

No, the report does not deal with Arab Muslim Yemen’s Shia Houthi militia which is guilty of multiple attacks against civilian targets in neighbouring Sunni states.

And of course no, the report does not deal with Arab Muslim Hamas’s indiscriminate attacks against civilian targets – including infants asleep in their cots – selected solely on account of their Jewish religion and ethnicity. Attacks by car-ramming, arson, knife, gun, grenade, mortar and rocket. More than 5000 rockets against exclusively civilian Israeli targets in the latest round of violence the terrorist rulers of Gaza unleashed in 2021.

Instead, the report by Anti-Semitism International only deals with allegations of Israeli ‘apartheid’ – allegations that are as unsubstantiated as they are overtly anti-Semitic.

The selective maltreatment of Jewish individuals, Jewish organisations, the Jewish collective or the world’s sole Jewish state Israel is specifically defined by both the EU and the US – and adopted by the UN – as anti-Semitic. As such, Anti-Semitism International, aka Amnesty International, truly lives up to both its name and its reputation. It delivers exactly what it has been funded to do – anti-Semitism.

Here are a couple of the key definitions of anti-Semitism as adopted by the EU, the US State Department, the UN and other world bodies:

  • “Manifestations (of anti-Semitism) might include the targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.”
  • “Applying double standards by requiring of it (Israel) a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.”

Since the Anti-Semitism International report deals with no other subject than vilification of the Jewish state of Israel, it is the very embodiment of an anti-Semitic organisation. A well-funded anti-Semitic organisation.

The one proven way to prevent systemic abuse of funding and support is to withdraw both.

A world community that pays lip service to the fight against anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, but then ignores anti-Semitism, is doing both its reputation and its future untold harm.

Because ultimately, the battle isn’t only about anti-Semitism.

It isn’t even about racism on a more global scale.

It is about the very foundation of what makes a society ethical. The purveyors of this bilge are watching with keen interest to see whether or not they encounter any substantial resistance by the world community.

If this report passes unchallenged, it will set the tone for worse infractions on our collective moral code further down the line.