A New Chapter

Within the next few days I will be closing down my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I’m currently busy copying and saving what I want to keep.

I will continue with the Signal and Telegram platforms, to which I migrated a couple of years ago.

I remain committed to raising 4000 US dollars this year for the wonderful Alyn paediatric hospital and rehab centre in Jerusalem, the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. So far I’m up to about USD3300 and counting. Alyn provides amazing care irrespective of gender, political affiliation, religion or skin colour, as is customary in the Jewish state but nowhere else in the Middle East. To sponsor me as I ride my bicycle to raise money for Alyn, visit https://www.alynactive.org/event/ride/?type=sponsor and click on my name Ilya Meyer to donate as little or as much as you like – every donation is passed on in its entirety and received with equal gratitude. Or message me (still available on Facebook Messenger for the next few days) for my Alyn bank details/Swish account.

As always, my three political thrillers in the Hart Trilogy – Bridges Going Nowhere, The Threat Beneath and From The Shadows, are still available online. Read them in the above order! All three can be ordered as Kindle or paperback, from a variety of sources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bokus et al. Little did I know back in 2010 when I first started planning this intertwined series of fictional but highly realistic political thrillers set in Sweden, Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip, that my fiction would all too soon become a very tragic reality – not least in the continuously declining, long-suffering but otherwise lovely country of Sweden. As always, all royalties from book sales go to the Alyn paediatric centre in Jerusalem.

My personal blog (www.ilyameyer.com) will remain online. It contains a couple of decades of articles – including detailed source references – in both English and Swedish. It may serve in the future as an interesting repository of historic information on socio-political developments in the Middle East and Sweden over these past 20 years or more. My blogs at the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel have not been updated for a few years, but their content is still available online.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has followed, liked and/or otherwise engaged in discussion with me over these past years. It’s been an interesting, rewarding and at times frustrating ride.