Iranian lies and Iranian deaths

The Iranian regime that shot down a Ukrainian passenger jetliner and bulldozed the crash site to cover up its mistake, now admits that it did fire a missile at the passenger aircraft, killing all 176 people on board.

First the regime wasted valuable time denying all responsibility.

Then it attempted to destroy all evidence at the crash site, using bulldozers to cover up the aircraft remains – even though interfering with a crime scene is itself a serious crime.

And now the regime says the downing of the passenger airliner was a regrettable “human error“.

This is the same regime that insists on its right to acquire lethal nuclear weapons…

Key take-aways:

1. The Ukrainian International Airlines jet obeyed Teheran Airport flight control tower instructions.

2. The airliner took off on the designated runway.

3. The airliner followed the flight path it was given.

4. The relatively slow-moving and large passenger airliner was ascending to its designated cruising height – it was on an ascending path.

5. Yet the trigger-happy Iranian anti-aircraft gunners who fired the missile mistook this legitimate, slow-moving, ascending, large aircraft that was on an outgoing trajectory, for an invading, fast-moving, descending, small attack aircraft on an incoming trajectory. And fired a massive surface-to-air missile, killing all 176 on board.

6. Now remember that it is these same gung-ho, trigger-happy amateurs who want to be in charge of immeasurably more lethal nuclear weapons, and the ballistic rockets to carry those weapons.

7. Of course, none of this will make the slightest difference to the UN “liberals”, the EU foot-lickers and the US Democrats who will continue to insist that it is right to support the Iranian regime.

That would be the same Iranian regime which just last month shot dead more than 1500 of their own unarmed citizens, including children, for protesting against the regime. The same regime that just shot 176 passengers out of the air and denied any culpability even while the stricken aircraft, engulfed in flames, was plummeting to earth where it exploded in a massive fireball.

Go on, Democrats and “liberals”, follow the lead of the idiot Swedish foreign minister Ann Linde: reward the Iranian regime for this latest crime with an EU embassy in Teheran. Last time the mullahs slaughtered their own citizens, US president Obama rewarded them with a few billion dollars in unmarked bills. Surely these latest killings merit at least an embassy?